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15th Jul 2003, 14:34
Can't play TRAOD.....
Loads fine, opening videos look great.....
starts parisian backstreets and everything goes black and PC hangs.
Have tried the Patch and latest drivers etc, W2K SP4, reinstalled DirectX9, but still it can't get past the start of Parisian Backstreets.

My System is - graphics card is Matrox G400MAX, PIII 900, 512MB RAM, Soundblaster Live
Have tried the usual untick this and tick that in the settings boxes but still unable to play. I have never come across this problem with any other game. UT2003, Quake 3, MOHAA etc all run superbly.

Can anyone help !!!! ???

15th Jul 2003, 17:40
I have the same symptoms with the ATI Radeon 9700 card. I have tried the same troubleshooting of ticking and unticking EVERYTHING (5 days worth of work) and still the game freezes and locks the computer. The only way out is a hard reset. I have read every thread here and tried everything suggested to get the game to run. I'm at a loss.

I have tried yesterday and today to call Eidos Support phone line but they say their recorded message says their office is closed. I called between 9am and 5pm pacific time numerous times and got the same response. Are they swamped with calls? Have they given up supporting their product? Is it a major holiday that I don't know about? What?

15th Jul 2003, 20:33
I dont beleive the g400 series had hardware t&l. I have a g400 and it wont play on that system at all.

17th Jul 2003, 17:19
Help to Start Game Running??
I bought this game (TR AOD) for my daughter. The game loaded ok. The beginning music was ok. I could get into the setups. Video, Audio, Mouse, Keyboard. When I tried to play a new game the screen went all WHITE and then died. I loaded 9x from Microsoft Homepage (was 8X). Still does same thing. Load latest drivers (I think) from Matrox Home Page. Still does same thing.
I'd appreciate ANY help. My daughter would like to play the game.

System: Intel P4 1.0 Gig
256 RAM
Video card is Matrox Millenium 450G Dual Head
Windows 98

19th Jul 2003, 05:27
The G450 is based on the same core as the G400, and as far as I know it doesn't support Hardware T&L(which is required). But just to make sure you could contact Matrox. A good resource is their user forums, and they could help you out.