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15th Jul 2003, 14:06
The Red Ghost is fairly easy. One just kneels down or crouches and this dumb pair of sheets flies over you without harming you even a little. I could take care of this stupid thing (mainly because Lara has faced more dangerous enemies such as the Dragon in TRII and the Spider in TRIII), but two things keep me from doing so:

1) I keep blasting my shotgun (albeit invisible) like some Terminator-girl but this sheet-freak never freezes. Is this because I don't aim right (isn't it auto-aim then?) or is this because I'm kneeling down when shooting? However, he doesn't seem to freeze and when doing so it's only for once second coz the moment I get up again he starts flying again. :confused:

2) I've got some MAJOR problems with those annoying lights? Do they only appear when you shot the ghosts and freezed him or do they appear all the time when you keep your distance. I however never get to see any of those lights.

You see: my ID was to crawl close enough to such a light, shoot that freak and then run ASAP to the light and take the book (or whatever I gotta take).

Help me out, please! This guy is rather boring than difficult. It's quite unfair too how he doesn't uphold the rules ... die stupid sheet! :rolleyes:


15th Jul 2003, 14:10
Originally posted by Godfather

You see: my ID was to crawl close enough to such a light, shoot that freak and then run ASAP to the light and take the book (or whatever I gotta take).

dont want to sound like mr punch but ....thats the way to do it
just got to shoot him enuff times, and you dont get much more time than you need....ie. a second or 2

15th Jul 2003, 14:15
Originally posted by TR-AOD
dont want to sound like mr punch but ....thats the way to do it
just got to shoot him enuff times, and you dont get much more time than you need....ie. a second or 2

Yeah, but I never see a light so how do I know where to sit? I mean: with only two seconds or so I cannot just sit somewhere, shoot him and run my legs outta my body for a light that could easily be across the room, right?

If I could only see the light, then I could easily focus on it ... but I don't! :mad:

help me?

15th Jul 2003, 14:19
I think I just got really lucky on this bit because it took me no time at all. I simply ran around firing at the Ghost, then when he stopped I legged it over to the statue with the light in it's hands. The first time I got there in time I saved the game as soon as the hand icon appeared...just in case, but I didn't need to reload the game because I pressed action and Lara grabbed the item....

It took me about 5 attempts in all....!

EDIT: I'm getting the feeling I fluked this somehow...:D

15th Jul 2003, 14:20
yeah now that you mention it the light didnt always glow for me but it still had a little flashing light on it like regular pick ups if you look closely........ did for me anyway

J. Burnaway
15th Jul 2003, 16:04
The light switches from statue to statue as you get close to them - just chase it around until is appears on the statue you want it to appear on. (Forgive me if you already figured this out)

15th Jul 2003, 17:17
Can you send me the save game file, because I'm having a nervous breakdown trying to catch the blue light and escaping from the flying piece of rag.



15th Jul 2003, 17:22
If you can't see any blue light, run around the statues for a bit and it will appear........
Then just kneel in front of the one with the blue light and do your magic...... ;)

15th Jul 2003, 17:39
I'm still stuck here, have been for a week now, just can't do it quick enough!!! Its getting me down!!!! :(

15th Jul 2003, 17:40
This part drove me absolutely insane for like four days, but i was determined to finish this freaking' game. Anywho, most of thsi part is pure luck, but after going through different forums and reading many people's advice, this is what I have come to

1)crawl around until you find the blue light. Don't get too close or it will jump to another statue (that's really annoying...lol). Anyway, once you find the light postition yourself directly in front of it. (Generally the easiest ones to do this with are the two statues toward the front, so if you want to, you can chase the dang light around until you get it on one of these two statues.)

2) Once postitioned, I would save, that way it will always be at the same place with you directly in front of it. (It lowers the stress...lol)

3) The ghost will keep flying over you, pause for a second then fly back over the other way, DON'T MOVE!

4) When the ghost comes into your line of vision (causing Laura to aim) fire at it until it goes back over your head. Now one girl mention to save every time the ghost went over, that way, if you die or miss the light, you know that you only have a couple of shots left until he freezes. (This is also really helpful for those that are playing computers that are going in slow motion at this part)

5) The Ghost makes a howling sound, but when he freezes he stops howling. This is your clue between him just pauseing and him actually freezing.

6)When the ghost freezes, HOLSTER YOUR WEAPON, then go get the picture. (If you don't holster your weapon, Laurar will keep aiming at the ghost and will not run in the direction you want her to. VERY VERY ANNOYING!

Now a lot of people say that it only takes about 15-30 shots until he freezes, but sometimes it takes tons of them. Don't give up, just wait for it. Hope I've helped, because I know it's a real pain,


15th Jul 2003, 18:00
You know what?

I got it! And it ain't even that difficult. Once you know how to do it, it's one of the easiest enemies to deal with.

As long as you stay kneeled or crawled you're safe as a squirrel (is that even a proper English expression? :D) and then you just go to the nearest light and save every now and then. When you approach too close and the light switches you go back to the last time you saved.

Then you stay put!!! And you stay kneeled!! And from that point, you start shooting at the ghost everytime you get the chance. At a certain moment the ghost will freeze and that's when you put your gun away and run for the light and press CTRL (read: action for the PC).

I have to be honest: it took me about 20 times but 18 out of them I failed coz I didn't have the required patience once must have to defeat this thing. :D

Regarding the ghost: There's something strange; in the neighbourhood. Who you gonna call? THE GHOSTBUSTERS!!!! :D

Enjoying it although I'm stuck again.

I'm now in this Prague Building where I already killed dozens of light-helmed gunmen and I'm just running around like heaven. I recently got a special sort of pass from one of the (by now: dead) gunmen. Where should I go next, please?

Guess I'll figure it out myself but again: I ain't got the patience to wait for that. ;)

bye for now

15th Jul 2003, 18:47
Do a military crawl across the bridge. At the end of the bridge is a ladder. Take the ladder and go the end of the hall. Open the door and use your security pass. Yu should be above the trucks. There is a bad guy. Kill him and get a pick up. There is another guard around the metal bridge. Kill again for ammo.

Go up the ladder the closest to the door that you entered. At the top of the ladder is a guard. Wait for him to turn around and then climb up, sneak up behind him and knock him out. Pick up his machine gun and move the lever. Go back down and then straight to the end and up a ladder. Follow the metal bridge down to the little room that has the flashing light. You will see a cut scene wherein the metal magnet takes out hanging machine guns. Return to where you first came in. To the right of the door (if you are facing the door) and there is a ladder that will take you to the floor of the warehouse. Go through the small green door at the end of the room.

You enter the basement of the Strahov Fortress.

15th Jul 2003, 19:06
Thanks Heather, I'll try what you've suggested, I've done it about a 100 times now and still can't do it.....so frustrating!!!! aaaarrrrgh! :D

15th Jul 2003, 19:47
Thanks Heather ... but err ... that's actually what I meant. I mean: what do I do with all these crates and this gate that I don't have key of? I mean: I've litteraly been moving around and building up these crates, but everytime I try to jump over the gate, Lara faints ... (I rather prefer saying faint than die; you know. :D)

Thanks! So, actually I'm stuck in the basement and not in the building itself. Hope you can help here.

Bye for now

15th Jul 2003, 20:45
Thanks Heather ... but err ... that's actually not what I meant. I mean: I turned off the steam so I could get over the gate viathe many crates, killed the dog and turned off the electricity. What do I do now, please? I tried to go back via de pipes, but got stuck more than once. The big grey gate doesn't open, so I'm stuck. And I can't get back over the iron gate to the actual basement place.

Help me, please?


Bye for now

15th Jul 2003, 22:05
Well there is this dangerous looking saw thingy hanging around..... And if there's something Lara's loves, it's dangerous looking saw thingies! :D

If you did that already.......
climb through the air vents towards the next cut scene.... press ctrl+forward arrow to go down at the end of the vent

If you did that too.......
then you've prolly got the beast cut scene already, and you just go back to the place where you've built the tower of crates...... How to? Pull out a gun where you left the vent and see what she aims at, and then shoot it. Enter the room at the right of the place where you exited the vent and pick up some stuff..... Then go to the place of the tower of crates, and just enter the door opposite of the tower of crates

16th Jul 2003, 10:55
THe best way is to crawl into the room keeping an eye on the blue light. Stay close to it but not close. I was about jumping distance from it. When you are ready to make you move, shoot the ghost until it stops howling, then jump to the light and use action.
Once you get the light, crawl back out of the room
The ghost can't hurt you if you crawl