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15th Jul 2003, 12:59
Usually, if the game freezes i restart it and it's ok. But man i have to say it's fustrating. I just got the 5th engraving from verislla? and i go to the reporter to get the code and he just sits there he never gives me the code. ARRGG! i was so fustrated i turned it off for the night! I have to vent a bit, it is the buggiest game ever! I'm a bit dissapointed i was expecting someting better since it was delayed for so long. If your looking for play testers in the future i will gladly sign up because the ones your using now suck!

15th Jul 2003, 15:47
IMHO 70% of the bugs in the game shouldn't even have made it to the beta stage. Surely a level designer would play their level after making it, and I can't see how so many missing textures got through into the final game. Inexcusable examples of this are the invisible wall from one side of the spiral staircase in the cantine of The Sanitarium, and even a large missing floor texture where TWO fights take place on the final level! How on earth did the designers miss these things?!? I can understand perhaps the odd small texture forgotten here and there but these things are huge!

The game must have been rushed to make its release date, in which case I think a big patch is in order, if not the option to replace the CDs.

Despite the number of problems with the software, I am glad I bought the game. I have played all the Tomb Raiders and I will probably buy TR7 if it is released. The point is, how many other people will NOT do this if Eidos don't do something to please their customers.

16th Jul 2003, 15:47
The same damn thing just happened to me:mad: I got the fifth engraving, got the key off Bouchard's body, and went outside to talk to the reporter when it totally locks up. I've shut it down and restarted several times. Every time I try to talk to the reporter it still freezes. Anyone have an answer to this problem? :confused:

Missing textures and falling through maps are embarassing. Consistent lockups on multiple machines are inexcusable. :( How about a REAL patch, Core? Eidos?

16th Jul 2003, 20:36
it took me two tries before he gave it up. Then to make it worse i "fell" through the floor where the stair case is and since i did not actually solve the puzzle i was stuck down there. Another reboot and all went fine. for now anyway.

17th Jul 2003, 14:30
I read on another thread where someone used "right turns" to prevent a lockup at the basement stairs. I tried that and it seemed to loosen the reporter's lips. It's queer that something so "left field" would work on a problem like that. I'm playing the Sanitarium level now.