View Full Version : Eye Toy + Camera?

15th Jul 2003, 12:24
Has anyone tried it? Looks like a cool concept. The games+camera costs only 30pounds(less then some other ps2 games).

15th Jul 2003, 13:41
i think your on the wrong forum for this topic.

but i have one and it is fantastic, had a few mates with their girlfriends/wifes round at weekend and had a few goes. even the women who normally dont get involved were boxing, dancing, plate spinning and kung foo-ing. admitedly the games are a bit basic but they are fun. roll on eye toy play 2.

15th Jul 2003, 15:25
well i dont go to any other game forum, so thought it might be ok to ask a question like this once in a while. I will just get one, seems fun.

15th Jul 2003, 15:33
its definitely worth the money even if you only play it at parties.