View Full Version : hall of seasons,burning ghost

15th Jul 2003, 08:42
After the cristals,paintings and when you climbed to the top,you come in a room with 5 statues and a burning ghost who tries to kill you.What should I do here?Thank's a lot!!:confused:

15th Jul 2003, 11:24
U gotta just keep shooting on the Ghost until it stand s still than run to the sparkle at one on the statues and grab it ;)

23rd Jul 2003, 20:22
you should try searching this forum:


you may find that a bit more helpful

25th Jul 2003, 04:04
Here's the best step by step that I found...

1.stand against the statue closest to the door once it holds blue light. crawl as close as you can, but don't make the blue light go away. It's just before that hot rectangle surronding the main area.

2.remember to be facing the statue!!!

3.pick some weapon; shotgun appeared to be most efficient in my case

4.WAIT until the wrath flies from your behind and over you. it should stop somewhere between the statue on your left or righ and the statue against the door.

5.just before the ghost stops there to trn back, you start shooting and stand up (let go off crouch button) still shooting.

6.just when the wraith puts her head down and becomes silent, holster your weapon and start walking towards the statue in the meantime. it's enough to simply push forward button if you'd followed instructions so far. it is important because Lara starts walking faster without additional direction keys

7.the hand appears (yesyes, it does) and just when it shows up you press action key. Lara picks up the painting

8.Save immediately. The wrath managed to kill me AFTER i picked up the painting, and i was extremely pissed off