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15th Jul 2003, 05:50
To all of you that have project eden, can you please look in the game's manual and look in the credits and list the people that made that game.
EXAMPLE:lead programmers, lead artists, animators, exc.


bonnie :)
15th Jul 2003, 06:10
May I ask why? It's a pretty long list :) Also, you should probably post this in the Project Eden section. :)

15th Jul 2003, 12:35
well, i just wanted to see how many orginal people stayed after TR1 since it made by the same team.

bonnie :)
15th Jul 2003, 19:06
Originally posted by jodman3
well, i just wanted to see how many orginal people stayed after TR1 since it made by the same team. Ok...here it is. This will cost you $15.00 :)

Core Design:

Original Concept & Script = Gavin Rummery
Programming = Gavin Rummery, Phil Callaghan, Ray Tran, Duncan Hopkins
Additional Programming = Neil Duffin
Graphic Artists & Level Design = Heather Gibson, Neil Boyd, Caroline Evans, John Lilley
FMV/Cut Scene Sequences = Peter Barnard
Human Animation & Models = Stuart Atkinson
Enemy Animation & Models = Joss Charmet
Additional Artwork = Mark Donald, Damon Godley
Music & SFX = Martin Iveson
Producer = Andy Watt
Voice-Over Casting & Production = All in the Game Ltd.
QA = Dave Ward, Nick Connelly, Hayos Fatunmbi, Paul Field, Benjamin Twose, Stuart Abrahart, Richard Apperley, Jason Churchman
Special Thanks = Mike Schmitt
Executive Producers = Jeremy Heath-Smith, Adrian Smith

Eidos Interactive:

Producer = Mike Schmitt
QA Manager = Brian King
Test Lead = Beau Teora
Assistant Lead = Colby McCracken
Testers = Ryan Natale, Alex Strayer, Stephen Cavoretto, Matt Ranalli, Andy Tully, Brian falls, Jesse Andrews, Jeffrey Lowe, James Cabot, Dan Franklin
VP Product Development = Nick Earl
VP Marketing = Paul Baldwin
Marketing Director = Sean Amann
Product Manager = Matt Gorman
PR Manager = Michelle Seebach
PR Specialist = Kjell Vistad
Special Thanks = Rob Dyer, Dave Cox, Mike Kelly, Michael Minson, Greg Wu, Kevin Weston, Christian Chaterjee, Kim Pendleton, Li Shen, Frankie Palmer, Randy Stukes, and Kevin Gill.

16th Jul 2003, 04:58
Thank you so much!!

bonnie :)
16th Jul 2003, 06:39
You're very welcome! And sorry, you did post this in the Project Eden section...at the time, I forgot that 'I' was in this section. ;)

I just saw this link on another post...concerning recent news of Jeremy Heath-Smith.


16th Jul 2003, 06:39
Oh good bonnie did it. I was too lazy to look up for it :D

18th Jul 2003, 21:56
The list doesnt appear to be as long as bonnie made it out to be... :D