View Full Version : FINISHED GAME - how about your thoughts - possible spoilers

15th Jul 2003, 04:19
I just finished the game. I like alot about it. I like the hand so you know when you can do things. I like the blinking of the things to pick up, especially the things you could miss do to scenery. I like that you don't still have to hold the grasp key when your holding on, but I wish you could hold on indefendently. What about Kurtis, do you think he was real or was he the sleeper along? What did you think of him. I kinda of liked having someone to help Lara, not that she needs it. And I think it would be kind of nice having a guy in Lara's life. However, Kurtis does move slow compared to Lara. They would need to fix that. Plus, the auto target got in the way when you tried to move.:)