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15th Jul 2003, 03:20
Today i was reading The Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean and i was suprised as to what name i came across.
The Orchid Thief that talks about the passion of orchids. It gets into Darwin and how he had thoughts on an orchid that had a 12 inch nectary but managed to thrive.
He hypothesised that there was a bug that had a 12 inch proboscis that would retrive the nectary. Proboscis means nose.
(i know what proboscis means)
anywho it was a botonist named Fritz MULLER who told darwin of an insect with a 12 inch proboscis.

Now there has to be some connection there. Its to uncanny for it to be a coincidence. Its a really nice touch that there are little subtle treats in the games.

If you are interested in the Orchid Thief, it inspired the movie Adaptation (which i thought was the best film of 2002)

And did anyone else catch the pop machine in the employee break room in the Strahov? It reads Gassy Drinks. I thought it was funny. Oh and when Lara says "If i had a coconut for everytime ive heard something like that." What is it with people valuing coconuts. I mean there is the coveted golden coconut at mardi gras festivals but...

(i know ive gone completly off topic and i do realize that this tread could have gone on forever. sorry about all the other mess)

This post is really sparatic...