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15th Jul 2003, 02:42
One thing I found that SR2 and Blood Omen 2 could have used was an option for subtitles.

Because of the fact that versions of the game are created for a wide variety of languages, wouldnt it be almost needed to create the ability for the hearing impared to play and understand the game?

It would open up your sales market, and allow more people to play.

Umah Bloodomen
15th Jul 2003, 02:59
That's a good idea, Zelen. I would think that some indepth market research would have to be done (via survey's or whatnot) to get a better idea of how much of the hearing-impared community is/are actually game players. (Not sure if Eidos/CD would want to back such research though).

Just as long as it's a manual feature that you can turn on/off, I'm game. :D

15th Jul 2003, 03:02
Exactly, it will be helpful to those whom not well in English (like me...:( )

Matt from Spam Buddies
15th Jul 2003, 07:48
Hey, that's a pretty good idea. :)

I've not encountered this problem, but yeah, some people could use subtitles to understand the English better.

Although, as Umah pointed out, this will need some further research.

- Matthew

15th Jul 2003, 11:18
Yeah that would be great even for people without any hearing probs ,we would be able to understand evey word said as sometimes i miss something they say(phone rings ,parents start shouting at you to come away from that dammm machine and eat your food kinda thing) and have to look it up in the dark chronicle so i can steal my quotes from it.
so yeah i would appreciate it and have seen it in lesser games such as Metal Gear Solid on the psx and that is an ancient game so i dont seee why they haven't done it so far

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16th Jul 2003, 04:11
That is a very good idea....finally I can learn how to read.