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14th Jul 2003, 18:17
Can anyone explain why i can't pick that f**g painting???
I shoot at the ghost, it stops, and still i can't manage to get close enough to any of the statues to pick the painting up before it disappeares!!!
I am REALLY going nuts on this. Why don't EIDOS give us a tip???:confused: :mad:

14th Jul 2003, 18:30
The full "how to" is posted later on in the fourm....

14th Jul 2003, 20:34
oh really?
where exactly do you mean it is??

bonnie :)
14th Jul 2003, 21:07
Originally posted by abgarman
Can anyone explain why i can't pick that f**g painting???
I shoot at the ghost, it stops, and still i can't manage to get close enough to any of the statues to pick the painting up before it disappeares!!!
I am REALLY going nuts on this. Why don't EIDOS give us a tip???:confused: :mad: This was extremely frustrating! Wish they would of left it out of the game....but if I can help I will......I used the Magnum (I believe) to make the ghost pause (it's hard to tell that he is, tho) then ever so quickly, run to whatever statue has the blue light & press the action button. This took me a few tries & then I felt I just got lucky.....so good luck

14th Jul 2003, 21:14
It took me ages to do it, but in the end I got lucky by just sticking at it. It is very tricky though. Just do as Bonnie says above and you WILL do it. Good luck mate.

14th Jul 2003, 21:29
upper being won't work me. what I should task when I stand before door, before and being there is light in the statue

14th Jul 2003, 21:44
Try reading this whole thread and if you still can't get it let us know. :D


14th Jul 2003, 22:13
I don't got even still forward, and so ask is also the whereby level [tomb] OF [ANCIENTS] (PART [two]) starts as saved.

14th Jul 2003, 22:23
Try posting your request for a saved game here:

14th Jul 2003, 23:02
Okay, i almost threw the controller at the screen because of this dang Ghost.
Then thing to remember is, that if you fire your weapon to near the light, the light moves to another statue.
This is how i got the painting:
1/Chase the blue light till its at the statue infront of the exit
2/ walk away from the light, and out of its range once you are safely away from it fire at the ghost. I used the shotgun.
3/ once you fire enough he will lower his head for a few seconds. When he stops moving you can grab the painting.
4/run for the light and pick it up then head to the exit

Remember to be a safe distance from the light before shooting as you only have about 2 seconds to grab the painting. As soon as he becomes active again the light moves when you come to the statue.:D

14th Jul 2003, 23:45

I M A D E I T ! ! !

BigBig Thank You for everybody who supported me in this hard time:)

Tip for all the guys, who still can't make it:
1.stand against the statue closest to the door once it holds blue light. crawl as close as you can, but don't make the blue light go away. It's just before that hot rectangle surronding the main area.
2.remember to be facing the statue!!!
3.pick some weapon; shotgun appeared to be most efficient in my case
4.WAIT until the wrath flies from your behind and over you. it should stop somewhere between the statue on your left or righ and the statue against the door.
5.just before the ghost stops there to trn back, you start shooting and stand up (let go off crouch button) still shooting.
6.just when the wraith puts her head down and becomes silent, holster your weapon and start walking towards the statue in the meantime. it's enough to simply push forward button if you'd followed instructions so far. it is important because Lara starts walking faster without additional direction keys
7.the hand appears (yesyes, it does) and just when it shows up you press action key. Lara picks up the painting
8.Save immediately. The wrath managed to kill me AFTER i picked up the painting, and i was extremely pissed off :)

THats it. I thought i'd quit playing this game because of the wraith, but now I'm happy to have made it.
I keep my fingers crossed for everyone who hasn't yet.

17th Jul 2003, 21:33
abgarman, i tried your way several times..........no luck
:( ................someone please help me here.....
the blue light always moves...........& everytime i shoot the ghost it kills me............it never stops moving & while shooting it with the shotgun it kills me in about half a second..........i don't get it...
my thumb is sore from shooting the ghost it never stops moving or making noise & the blue light moves........even when i think oh, i'm making it coz i have the right blue light on the right statue near the door...............nothing?????????????????
pleaee help me here...........

17th Jul 2003, 21:54
i just can't do it???????????????????the blue light thing & the ghost:mad: :confused:

17th Jul 2003, 22:22
just keep trying. It's the hardest thing in the world, i know, but you can do it, I believe!

Be patient. You know what they say. Patience is a virtue. ;)

17th Jul 2003, 22:30
In case you missed this hint: kneel down and crawl around on all fours and the ghost will not be able to damage you.

19th Jul 2003, 21:15
Hi Sandie, here's how I did it:
Use the shotgun, shoot the ghost until it flies at you, when it does hold the duck button until it goes over then release the button and the autoaim will pick it up for you. Keep shooting until the ghost stops moving and making noises. Then rush over to the statue and hit the action key as soon as the hand appears. Hit the autosave key immediately you get the painting, then crawl out of the room. I have a save file if you want it but it's WAY more satisfying when you do it yourself ;-) good luck.

19th Jul 2003, 21:17
P.S. forgot to say... YOU GOTTA BE QUICK and I mean QUICK.

20th Jul 2003, 02:53
Also, read that other post (on the ghost - LOL)

20th Jul 2003, 14:04
thanks for your kind reply..........however, while lara is in a crouching position, holding her shotgun................THE GHOST CAN KILL HER!!!!!!!

just a lil hint 4 you.....................:D

20th Jul 2003, 14:11
i have collected all of the amo, the shotgun & med pack...
i've followed instructions carefully............
i shoot the crapp out of the ghost until i run out of amo.......or lara is killled ( while in a crouching position)............& still nothing.
once, the ghost got stunned & i saw the hand..............but sadly i missed that lil window..........
i have since then, never seen the hand again & i shoot the ghost until i run out of amo.............& yes i use the shotgun & yes lara is crouching & yes i crawl her into position infront of the blue light.
nothing but nothing works..........
i feel like the game is fully ruined........................:mad:

20th Jul 2003, 14:58
i did this thing in just a few number of goes. I only have one tip:

Try to get the statue with the blue light between youself and the ghost. Once you stun the ghost, its very easy to get the blue light, coz its right in front of you. Anywayz keep trying.

20th Jul 2003, 15:08
Originally posted by sandie
thanks for your kind reply..........however, while lara is in a crouching position, holding her shotgun................THE GHOST CAN KILL HER!!!!!!!

just a lil hint 4 you.....................:D

Sorry, didn't know that. I was crouching without my gun drawn. I think that works. I know you've heard it all but I'll just go through how I did it.

Crouch and crawl around on all fours. You should have full health.

Find the blue light and move close to it but not so close that it moves away.

Stand up and blast the ghost with the shotgun pressing the button rapidly.

Put away the weapon and run to the blue light and press 'x'.

When I pressed 'x' it looked as if the light moved away so I thought I'd missed it but checked my inventory and it was there.

ps: Hang in there!

20th Jul 2003, 20:54
this was a real tough one i think i got a system for this one.

1st you must have a lot of shot gun ammo (you can pick up some around the perimiter) use crouch as the ghost will not get you you must get as close but not too close to a statue with the blue light make sure your health is at full (save the game at this spot)
stay crouched with your shot gun ready shoot the ghost from the same side 3-4 shots you must do this 3 times and he will stay still that is when you get up,holster your weapon and head for that statue hit action when you see the hand symbol then make a dash for the entrance. (you have to be quick 3-4 sec. I made my statue save by the entrance that way the ghost can't do much damage on the way out. hope this helps!!!!!!

21st Jul 2003, 03:55
abgarman - I did it !!!

Following your instructions, exactly - finally !!!


PS - I remembered to save, immediately, and with just a fraction of life left, restored her to full health, after reloading in crouch position - whew !!!

22nd Jul 2003, 01:38




22nd Jul 2003, 17:04
First, thanks to everyone above for helping myself and others through this miserable test.

I have just a few details to add.

1. The ghost doesn't hurt Lara while she's crouched down. This is a HUGE help and makes the rest of the ordeal easier. (This is on the PC version for the USA. It may be different for PS2 games.)

2. Spend all the time you want crouched. Feel free to pick up all the ammo and all the health. In fact, spend *all* your time crouched until the last moment when you pick up the Obscura painting.

3. The toughest part (for me) was judging when the ghost was "paused" and it was safe to stand up and grab the painting. This is tricky and requires practice. He's paused when he appears to stand up (float) straight, without leaning forward or moving side to side. This condition lasts only about 3-4 seconds.

4. The ghost won't pause until you've shot him enough times, and you can't grab the Obscura painting unless he's paused. If the blue light jumps away from you when you approach it, you haven't paused the ghost.

5. I found the best place to crouch was directly in front of a statue (pick your favorite), just outside the raised platform and firery border. Lara should be about 2-3 steps away from the statue.

6. Crouch in front of the statue, equip your gun. and (still crouching) shoot the ghost every time he passes in front of you. (Lara doesn't spin around and shift her aim while she's crouching.) After several rounds of this, the ghost should have absorbed enough punishment to "pause" for a few seconds.

7. Only then should you holster your gun, stand up, and take 2-3 steps forward to the statue with the blue light. The hand icon tells you it's okay to grab the Obscura painting. If the hand icon doesn't appear or if the blue light jumps away, you haven't "paused" the ghost (see #4, above).

8. After you grab the painting, crouch down again. The ghost can't hurt you when you're crouched. Crawl out of the room at your leisure.

22nd Jul 2003, 22:19
Cheers RoadHazard
It was your post that got me past the ghost..i think that one
was the hard'ist thing so far..and thats out all of the raiders
it was one "pig" to do.Many thanks m8.

23rd Jul 2003, 02:50

RoadHazard..................thank you...........your help was great!!

and, i would like to thank everybody else who helped.........................