View Full Version : Stuck in Club

14th Jul 2003, 17:18
Ok how do i get out of the Moulin Rouge (or whatever the club is called) where I grabbed the 'stuff' for the guy in the light. The way I came in won't let me out. And I've explored and just about locked myself in the cellar (fortunately, I saved before walking in there...)

14th Jul 2003, 17:19
There's a door in the small room where you manipulated the broken lighting rig.

14th Jul 2003, 17:28
yes the door next to the switch that has a hand but doesn't do anything

the door that sometimes takes you to Paris.....and sometimes leads you to the blue room

Paris.....freefall into blue room.....Paris......blue room....muahahahahah you just don't know what will happen

alrighty then!