View Full Version : TR AOD: Brother Obscura Changing Light

14th Jul 2003, 16:48
I've gotten so angry with this part I've stopped playing for about 3 weeks. the book is BS....so I'm asking someone who actually knows what they're talking about.

Brother Obscura follows me around i'm trying to get to the light as fast as possible but it changes as soon as i go to grab it. the book says use the shotgun to knock brother Obscura back and grab the painting in the statue. but I just need help the best method possible on how to beat the light and keep Brother Obscura away from me. anyone???


14th Jul 2003, 16:52
Well, you do need to shoot it with the shotun till it pauses (stays still). When it does, you can retrieve the painting. Crouching and shooting just about stops it from damaging you as well.

Position yourself close to the light, but not too close, crouch and shoot at the ghost. It's ok if it passes over you, as you won't take damage. When it pauses (hard to spot at first) you should have just enough time to remove crouch, unequip your gun and run (jog) to the light.

15th Jul 2003, 00:58
hey im haveing a problem , is the light suposed so move from statue to statue ? or do i do what u said and get the painting beacus if i am even like 2 ft from it , it jumps to the next statue! * gasp*

15th Jul 2003, 01:04
Yes, the light moves. You shoot the ghost until he stops moving for about 2-3 seconds. You need to be close to the light but not too close that it moves. After he stops moving then go grab it.

There's more in depth discussion if you search this forum for 'ghost'. :D