View Full Version : stuck in the louvre,by the mona lisa

14th Jul 2003, 16:24
I am stuck in the louvre in the room with the mona lisa.There are red laser thingy's in front of the painting and I cannot get past them?any ideas please?

14th Jul 2003, 16:30
push the little box along the corner wall for an upgrade,,then push the tall glass box towards mona,,go back to wall where little box was and press the button on wall to shut off the lasers,,take it from there

1st Aug 2003, 12:00
I too am stuck here, I can see the exit over the painting, have moved the central glass case to the correct position and can see the card-swipe by the small glass box I moved in the corner to turn off the lasers. BUT some say hit the switch to turn off the lasers (not a switch so nothing happens) and some say use the card gleaned from the guard. Which guard? I've killed a few but none left anything behind as far as I could see.

Any help appreciated



1st Aug 2003, 12:47
You need the card.

Just don't remember which guard had it tho :( sorry.

(as I remeber you didn't meet much guards yet, the game is pretty straight forward so try every door you can open whitout fearing you might miss part of the game, and you will find the guard)