View Full Version : How to set FSAA in TRAOD ?

14th Jul 2003, 15:47
Hello, i've been looking for a way to enable FSAA on TRAOD.

Please, report how to enable FSAA.

My current config:
Athlon XP 3000+
Creative GeForce 4 TI 4400 + Detonator XP 44.04 + DirectX 9.0a
Windows XP SP1

14th Jul 2003, 21:17
Sorry Bra, with that card and those drivers FSAA isn't gonna happen (I have the same problem). Set 1280x960 and it looks almost as good; plus FSAA will kill your framerates, turn the game into a Powerpoint slide show. However, if you want to sacrifice EVERYTHING else for a pretty picture, roll all the way back to the 40.72 Dets and you'll get FSAA but the game will punish you for it.

14th Jul 2003, 21:37
Very Thanks, I'll try it. I would like to check if it's playable or only for taking screenshots :)

I've been an nVidia user since first TNT2 chips, but this time, i'm very angry with nVidia, cause i cannot play my favourite game without problems. Therefore, my next card will be an ATI.

17th Jul 2003, 15:35
I agree. Nvidia used to have some pretty good drivers but it seems like everything after 41.09 is crap. I totally don't like the new setups for FSAA and Anisotropic Filtering. They don't seem to "force' FSAA like they used to and the options everywhere else are a little lacking. They should release their driver's with advanced options that allow gamers and power users to tweak their cards. It's too bad we have to rely on 3rd parties for that stuff.

17th Jul 2003, 15:37
BTW, forgot to mention: I rolled back to the 40.72 Dets and am running AoD @ 1024x768 with Quincunx FSAA and it looks fab. Plus, it runs pretty well too. Give that a shot...

27th Jul 2003, 19:48
I've upgraded my Detonator to the new 45.20 beta, & the problem with FSAA is fixed now.

Now I'm playing at 1024x768x32bpp@85Hz with FSAA 4x, with everything turned on, & i'm getting 30-50fps as fraps reports.

The game looks amazing. Everything is clear & smooth.

Some tips for more speed:

Choose X8R8G8B8 pixel format instead of A8R8G8B8. I got a 10fps increment by doing that at FSAA 4x.

I also installed CG compiler from nVidia & opened the reg editor to tweak some other options: 'Use Clip Planes=1'.

27th Jul 2003, 20:04
DO NOT force AA on in your tools under control panel-display-etc... In the TR:AOD set-up turn on Multi-Sampling. This will enable FSAA...This sometimes can fix poor performance with AA on TR:AOD.

27th Jul 2003, 22:04
I must force FSAA in the nVidia control panel, cause, the setup doesn't report any type of FSAA. It only displays: None(1)(1).