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14th Jul 2003, 15:09
Hi Goran,

I hope no one has a moan at me for asking this question - I honestly HAVE been through the FAQs but only found one mention re the dual shock option on the PS2 (and there doesn't seem to be a reply - I have copied the question below).

Well I'm assuming that the Dual Shock option was removed along with the optional altrenative controller configurations - but confirmation of this fact would be nice. Why didn't Eidos put a sticker on the box detailing which parts of the instruction book are no longer applicable? I am amazed that this game got released with so many bugs after at least 2 years of planning!! I'm glad I've got a PS2 and not PC that's all I can say.

BUT.... it's still a great game!!!

OK - moan over!

Thanks Goran :)

Below is the original question from another member:

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PS2 Dual-shock vibration

Hi Goran,

I hope this hasn't been asked already (can't see it anywhere). I apologise in advance if it has.

I see your FAQ about the controller settings being left out for the PS2 version of the game but I also can't find how to turn the vibration control on and off?

Looking on other boards I see other gamers talking about using it so I guess it must exist somewhere? Or is it only in US versions of the game? Could (would) it have been taken out for the PAL version for some reason?

Thanks in advance."

15th Jul 2003, 01:37
im in australia and i've had this problem too. despite being impressed with the game, not being able to change my control options is VERY annoying.

15th Jul 2003, 05:37
Nice, you managed to get a mini-rant in with your question. You get kudos for that.

The answer is obvious, the dual-shock does not work. Reminds me of the Sherlock Holmes quote that in paraphrase says "remove all other possiblities, whatever remains, no matter how unbelieveable, is the truth."