View Full Version : home sweet home help please!!!!!!!!!!

kathy 5
14th Jul 2003, 14:20
o.k. I got the gun & shells killed the 2 that get to you In the bed room
got the 2 that come In when I'm on the stairs

but when I step out side & back flip Into the house to many at once come at me not counting the dogs & I keep dieing please how did you guys do this HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14th Jul 2003, 14:32
well basically, you have to kill everyone to beat that level. it takes lots of time and patience. good luck :)

kathy 5
14th Jul 2003, 17:29
well I just did It

this Is what I did

I went out side to draw them In & I ran like hell up the stairs & killed all but the last 2 there
than I went out side again & ran Into the misic room & killed the big bad dude there

seems kinda nasty the wat It ends & all I mean I did all of the work & for what *BANG *

17th Jul 2003, 17:13
Hey, Kathy. :) I know of a much easier way to kill most of the baddies in Home Sweet Home although it requires some patience. First, shoot a window in Lara's bedroom and make a running jump onto her assault course immediately. From there, the baddies will attempt to follow you, but unfortunately, they can't climb high walls. Now it's time to act as a sniper and shoot away... :D

kathy 5
17th Jul 2003, 17:28
oh man that sounds like fun I wish you had posted sooner :(
I'm on to TR3 now thanks!!!