View Full Version : when does she learn to sprint?

14th Jul 2003, 13:43
Hi im the tomb of aintents how long till lara learns sprint?

14th Jul 2003, 13:46
Later - you need a few more power ups on the lower body.

Oddly enough I find pulling things around tires me out rather than making me instantly stronger but then I am told I don't live in reality - like Lara apparently does now according to Eidos.

14th Jul 2003, 16:34
sprint starts at strahov
you can sprint forever too but not hold or shimmy so Lara must've really beefed up that lower body!
Looks beefy :p almost got me thinking I'm playing Jennifer Lopez:Tomb Raider.....

14th Jul 2003, 21:03
I thought it was at the end of Galleries Under Siege. Or I am I wrong?:confused:

14th Jul 2003, 21:42
Mac is right, you get it when you get the gas mask

14th Jul 2003, 21:47
that's true...my bad.....you just can't do jack with it until strahov lol due to the cutscene at the end of the siege plus you can't sprint down stairs