View Full Version : Red Ghost!

14th Jul 2003, 10:30
Does anybody know how i get passed the red ghost? u would think bullets wouldnt affect ghosts but apparently they do. but i cant tell when the ghost has stopped attacking me and my computer goes real slow suddenly when its in the screen


14th Jul 2003, 11:23
It took me quite a while but eventually I got that *** painting;
just crawl slowly towards the blue statue, then shoot the ghost (uhu) untill it stops attacking you (4/5 seconds) and run as fast as you can towards the blue thingie pressing your action button like hell. (be glad when you see a hand pop-up)

...and my computer couldn't handle the ghost either, my framerates dropped erverytime this creature flew over me :(

14th Jul 2003, 11:32
I've been stuck here for five days now!!!! :( Little b*gger is driving me mad!!! I will not be beaten!!!! :p

14th Jul 2003, 13:58
Took me a few frustrating hours of solid death. I was kinda surprised that the guns affect a ghost - must get a cold sensation as the bullets pass gently through it and hit the wall behind.

You can crawl around and it sometimes stops above you - when that happened I stood up expecting to be possessed allowing me to walk up to the picture but it didn't work - oh well back to the guns.

I think my idea was better though.