View Full Version : Ancients Tomb

Claire Banga
14th Jul 2003, 10:20

I wonder if somebody could help me. I'm inside this huge hole with the lovely squeleton soldier, I have to go back up using the stones that have appeared the thing is, the 3 first are fine but then there is this one that I can´t reach if a do a normal hop or when I run a little bit and the jump either so, how can I reach the fourth step?. Cheers:)

14th Jul 2003, 12:02
Try run, jump, and grab that should work!! :D

Claire Banga
14th Jul 2003, 14:44
but, she just fall from the stone or crashed with the walls, It's a pain using analogic sticks:D

14th Jul 2003, 15:44
Very true, I agree, but it is possible I promise you!! :D