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14th Jul 2003, 10:16
This is from the FAQ section of this forum:-


"Q: How do I change the controller on the PS2 around?
A: The manual is in error, you cannot change the controls.

The manuals (LOTS of them) were printed awhile before the game controls were finalized, and the ability to change from the default controls was removed after they were printed, sorry for the confusion. "


Well, I reckon that's pretty feeble. A long-awaited game which is going to generate massive profits for its makers should do better than that. Why could printing the manual not wait until the game was finalised? Why could the manuals not have been pulped and reprinted? Why could an erratum slip not be printed and included in the package, at least?

Personally I find the analog controls weirdly counter-intuitive and a huge departure from earlier TR games. I guess I'll get the hang of them but I'm disgruntled. And huffy.


John The Huffy Ferret

15th Jul 2003, 05:49
Well, since this is commentary. It is put where that belongs.