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14th Jul 2003, 08:57
Everybody seems to be complainig that the graphics engine is too slow and jumpy, and I would have agreed with them when I first got the game installed and made the mistake of initially trying 1280 x 960. I was surprised by this because I am running a 2.53GHz P4, 1GB RAM, Radeon 9700 (128MB), but I went ahead and turned down the resolution and turned off fog, heat haze etc. This got me pretty smooth graphics (except for the graveyard).

When I decided to go back and try 1280x960 at 60Hz again, I found that by turning EVERYTHING on (all the special effects etc.) the graphics is as smooth as I could have hoped for. (Even the graveyard graphics is smoother than I had at 1024x768 60Hz!).

This worked for me, but it may not work for everybody. My settings are basically the defaults, but with most effects etc. turned on:

32 bit screen format and colour depth.
No Multi Sampling.
Shader Hardware.
Everythign in the 'Options' box (except for Cg because that is not available, and VMR9.
Trilinear filtering for everything except objects (which are 'None').
High quality room, high quality actors.
Default texture compression (DXT1 & DXT3)
All Post Processing except for 'RT to screen size'
32 Bit Tex1 & Depth, 16 Bit Tex2
All Reflections & Reactions, both Texture and Depth at 32 bit
All the remaining cubemap and shadow check boxes enabled, character quality high. (Other settings default)

One thing I did with the Radeon before playing the game was to install the latest Catalyst 3.5 drivers from the ATI web site. I then went into the ATI 'Advanced' display settings (the ATI control panel) and changed the Direct3D settings to the default 'Balanced' mode. If you have this set higher, the driver can override the AA and AS settings in the game, which could well reduce performance.

As I say - this might not help everybody, but it might be worth a shot if your performance is low.

15th Jul 2003, 22:45
Thanx it worked for me http://forums.eidosgames.com/images/icons/icon14.gif

17th Jul 2003, 10:52
I had trouble with the grave yard being jerky on my nvidia card, and increased the refresh rate and all was fine after.......... these forums really help with game issues if people took the time to read them.............. shame they couldn't do more with the PC version of the hulk, bought it same time as AOD but haven't played it yet due to long loading times. 20 mins just to get the intro FMV up, lol. and still no patch.:confused:

17th Jul 2003, 20:58
But ur running the game at 60Hz i am running it at 85hz ur eyes must be stinging in the morning with that refresh rate (1024*768) i us with a TI4200 with all at max using Anistropic filters on all looks excellent and smooth and fast.

18th Jul 2003, 07:47
Will try that - I didn't want to fix something that was working nicely. :) I use an LCD monitor so the refresh rate isn't really noticable, but the antistropic might look good.

19th Jul 2003, 11:37
*shivers at the thot of running any kinda monitor at such a slow refresh rate*

gonna blow out your monitor earlier running it so slow, too. :(

make sure ya run your game at the same setting as your desktop. and disable any proggy running in the background, using your MSCONFIG to shut down virus scanners, norton proggies, any windows skins, and downloading programs. ( don't laff, i know peeps who try to download programs while they play games! and then freak out cuz everything is going so slow! )

also make sure you close down your browser, esp if you don't regularly run stuff like spybot or adaware. if you have a cable or dsl connection and keep your browser up, then spyware proggies will "phone home" and upload whatever info they got from your system and that will certainly interfere with how your game runs. course, you're more likely to notice that kind of activity right after you reboot, but generally speaking, it's a good idea to close your browser. even proggies like windows updater or virus scanner updaters, etc will go to work when you're off playing a game. to be sure, just disable them while playing. just don't forget to re-enable when you come back! ;)


6th Aug 2003, 07:59
and hey presto! it works better!. Thanks a lot gangstaplay. Anyone fixed the intro FMV yet? Has it ever worked for someone?

21st Aug 2003, 11:43
Hi all .. just thought I'd add my 2 cents on this...

(Big apologies if what I'm about to say is common knowledge)

I too was experiencing many framerate issues .. so I finally took some time to take a look at the settings and possible reasons for slow-down..

I basically found that the main culprit is the texture depth and general color depth settings ...

It seems that Core have given the user every possible configuration option in this area known to man.. I found that the different settings (these are from memory so don't flame) have the following meanings: -

32Bit X settings mean No Antialiasing
32Bit A settings mean Aliased

(there are some 16 Bit settings also .. but who wants those .. not me)

there are also some other depth settings that go something like D24S (can't quite remember) .. these seem to be similar in that an X prefix is no sampling and an S denotes sampling of some kind ... probably anisotropic ..

To cut a long boring story short .. if you change all of the settings that have these formats to X's instead of A's or S's .. you should see a significant performance increase.

I now run the game at 1280x1024 and even in the Graveyard, previously unplayable framerates are acceptable.

Cheers .. Hope this helps some people..

3rd Sep 2003, 21:14
I'd like to run the game at a higher refresh rate. If I run 800x600 it can go up to 85hz no probs but on 1024x768 70hz the screen just rolls. Must be a monitor prob I guess :rolleyes:

4th Sep 2003, 21:22
Hi CoF

You can check what refresh rates your monitor supports by checking the Display Properties.

Select Control Panel - Display.
Pick the Settings Tab and click on Advanced.
Pick the Monitor Tab which shows a list of available Screen refresh rates that your monitor supports.

The Screen resolution affects the maximum refresh rate. So if you increase the the Screen Resolution the maximum refresh rate will reduce. This is a limitation of your monitor. If you can't get the refresh rate at the resolution you desire then I an afraid you will have to live with it or buy a new monitor.

Hope this helps

4th Sep 2003, 21:28
Thanks for that...this could be a problem then. The dropdown menu for compatible modes says that 70hz is also supported by my monitor at 1024x768. When I select it the screen just rolls. I checked my max resolution of my monitor (panasonic c50i) using AIDA32 and it says it can run a max of 1024x768 @ 75hz with 32bit high colour. Maybe its time i got a new monitor :rolleyes:

4th Sep 2003, 21:58
One thing you may wish to consider before splashing out on a new monitor is that TRAOD appears to be clamped to 60 frames per second. So having a high refresh rate monitor for this game may not help you much.

However, I must say that generally running 60-70hz on a CRT monitor is a bit hard on the old eyes.

4th Sep 2003, 22:05
Oh. I also forgot to add that the latest patch for TRAOD has a graphics benchmark option. So you can find out what FPS you are achieving. Most people seem to agree the graveyard section slows the FPS down the most. I get around 18-25fps through that bit.

If you want an easy way to check your FPS download a free application called Fraps from:-


Nice little utility.

4th Sep 2003, 22:17
Yeah I suffered a large slowdown on the graveyard level..I put it down to the presence of the continuous fogging effects applied to this level. Thanks for the fps utility url I'll give it a try

The Master
14th Oct 2003, 20:30
Yeh I'm having problems with the graphics too... I can't get it display in 1280x1024 properly.... the screen is skewed off to the left and theres a black bar about 2 inches wide down the right hand side.. strange. I don't have any problems with any other game and even the old TR games play fine in this res and I can't find a solution. It displays fine in 1124... (I think it is) but none of the 1280x.... resolutions display properly. I also have to turn off Post Processing from the highest to average otherwise it plays rather slowly at that res as well... and the option to change the refresh rate doesn't work at all at any res.. just says 0hz. I have a GeForce FX5600 256mb DDR Ram card so it ought to be able to handle it ok.. wierd :rolleyes:

15th Oct 2003, 00:50
Hi The Master,

I'm running a FX5200 and can run 1280x1024 correctly although a little slowly.

Are you running the latest drivers from nVidia? 45.23 and have you downloaded the CG Compiler files as well

nVidia site (http://www.nvidia.com)

The article below gives a full explanation and a link to the cg files which fix Depth of field and Fire/Heat haze.
beyond3d.com TRAOD and FX5900 review (http://www.beyond3d.com/reviews/albatron/gffx5900pv/index.php?p=5)
cg_files (http://www.beyond3d.com/downloads/traod/cg_files.zip)

This zip file contains a RTF file detailing all the TRAOD settings
TRAOD Graphic Settings - What do they mean (http://www.beyond3d.com/downloads/traod/b3d_traodreadme1.zip)

Might also be worth adjusting your monitor??

The Master
19th Oct 2003, 11:29
Originally posted by simulation
Hi The Master,

I'm running a FX5200 and can run 1280x1024 correctly although a little slowly.

Are you running the latest drivers from nVidia? 45.23 and have you downloaded the CG Compiler files as well

nVidia site (http://www.nvidia.com)

The article below gives a full explanation and a link to the cg files which fix Depth of field and Fire/Heat haze.
beyond3d.com TRAOD and FX5900 review (http://www.beyond3d.com/reviews/albatron/gffx5900pv/index.php?p=5)
cg_files (http://www.beyond3d.com/downloads/traod/cg_files.zip)

This zip file contains a RTF file detailing all the TRAOD settings
TRAOD Graphic Settings - What do they mean (http://www.beyond3d.com/downloads/traod/b3d_traodreadme1.zip)

Might also be worth adjusting your monitor??

Thanks. I have the latest nvidia drivers I had to download that to get the FMV to display properly. To be honest once people start talking about graphics settings etc they might as well be speaking a foreign language as far as I'm concerned :eek: but I'll have a look anyhow. Hmm the monitor there isn't a lot I can do with that just basic adjustment etc.

The Master
19th Oct 2003, 11:36
Originally posted by ©®Øƒ* Ç€ñ*®âÌ
as this point isnt covered i'll mention it, as regards poor peformance of video-games, for sometimes an emailed virus thru popmail viewer, can infect the main program of the cdrom that installed onto your hd. - eg tomb5.exe

it encodes itself into file end of the main prog, then replicates itself elsewhere to similar progs.
The symptons are that it either delays screen loading, or causes a lockup during an otherwise routine process.
A good way to check without any aids is to look inside the games install folder, an notice if theres a half-greyed smaller file beneath the main prog, with a random lettered extension.
if so you got a prob that isnt core-designs fault.

hope that helps, assuming 'all' opinions are welcome here :(

Ah, a fellow Dwarfer!

Thanks I have Norton antivirus so hopefully it would pick up any viruses that might infect it, besides TRAOD is quarantened on a different OS install.

I think all opinions are welcome here so long as they're helpful/usefull ;)

Window Paine
29th Dec 2004, 06:47
Buy a new video card.

I have a Geforce 6800 GT 256MB card with 2GB ram on my board.

My CPU is only a 2.8Gh and I can run AOD at 1600x1200 with all the perks on and it runs great.

I know it costs a little cash, but it's worth it.

Plus all of the new games run better with a newer card.

Don't ya just luv computer gaming $$$$$$$$$