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14th Jul 2003, 07:24
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As you know in the manual it says to use the numeric 0-key to move the camera. But it doesn't work!!!!
I push the 0 button and when I move the arrows or mouse, she starts moving, but the camera stays on the same possition.
Please help, because it's very anoying if you don't see where you are going (I've killed myself a few times because of this)

14th Jul 2003, 10:07
There are two different versions of this game apparently.......
For me and lots of others the look key is the same as the sprint key...... Just hold the sprint key down while Lara stands still.....

Hey, I see you're from Belgium...... Ever been to the forums (http://forums.tombraider.be) at www.tombraider.be? Might be to you're liking.... :)

14th Jul 2003, 11:47
Hi @

Thanks, it works now. You have to wait untill the camera is behind you (couldn't they metion that in the manual?)

Thanks for the help

(I like the Belgium site, I didn't know it exits :D)