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7th Mar 2013, 02:45
khinsider.com/news/Square-Enix-Shifting-... (http://khinsider.com/news/Square-Enix-Shifting-Away-From-Social-Games-3223)
www.finalfantasy.net/mobile-dlg/square-e... (http://www.finalfantasy.net/mobile-dlg/square-enix-shift-social-games/)

KH Insider: "We all know how it has felt this past year with Square Enix releasing one social game after another. KINGDOM HEARTS χ[chi] (http://khinsider.com/news/Square-Enix-Reveals-KHPC-As-KINGDOM-HEARTS-chi-3205) and THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU -Live Remix- (http://khinsider.com/news/Square-Enix-Announces-The-World-Ends-With-You-LIVE-Remix-3107) were both announced in 2012 along with other social games for poupular Square Enix brands to little fanfare, and while they are sometimes fun like KINGDOM HEARTS Mobile (http://khinsider.com/news/KINGDOM-HEARTS-Mobile-Ending-on-April-30-3208) that will be ending in April, many of them have been like FINAL FANTASY ALL THE BRAVEST (http://www.finalfantasy.net/mobile-dlg/final-fantasy-braevest-detailed/)where in-app purchases are required to unlock premium content to enhance the game experience. There have been waves of criticism from Square Enix fans around the world over the company's sudden social game addiction that seems to be a way to make easy money, but we may be in for a respite soon enough.

Takehiro Ando, one of the producers for Square Enix's mobile/social gaming division, regularly updated a blog a few months ago on Famitsu's website with upcoming social and mobile game developments from the company and today he posted a new update, "Good bye, social games.", which details the rise and fall of social gaming from Square Enix as well as the company's decision to concentrate on high quality games for their hardcore audience. Ando mentions how since the release of Square Enix's first social title, Knights of the Crystal, many of the subsequent titles have been copies and reskins of other social and gashapon games. While social games have brought Square Enix new fans, it has alienated many of their console and handheld gamers which has led to this shift away from social gaming.

Ando ends the blog post stating that Square Enix plans to release internally developed "epic and famous" games throughout the year, which seems to give us hope we might be getting closer to the games we've been waiting for all of these years. Ando seems to be talking about mobile games that are more suited for the hardcore gaming audience, but that does not eliminate the hope of hearing about more non-mobile titles throughout the year."

FF Network: "For the last year or so, Square Enix has announced several social titles for the existing brands -*including titles like Bravely Default: Praying Brage and Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. Other titles include Guardian Cross and Final Fantasy: All the Bravest, which feature a specific style of gaming that was popularized in Japan called "gashapon". These games generally have design decisions that funnel a player's attention towards micro-transactions to continue playing the game, as well as other design aesthetics.

Well according to Square Enix's Takehiro Ando, who serves as an producer for the company's mobile/social gaming division, this is going by the wayside. NeoGAF member Goli translates Ando's post from the Famitsu App called Smartphone Game*Star Revolution:

"Anyway, today's entry is called "Good bye, social games". In it he discusses how since the release of SE's first social game, Knights of the Crystals, many other similar, or in some cases, identical games have appeared and taken over the mobile gaming platforms, which has led to basically everything being a reskinned version of other games, specially the ones that involve card collecting and gacha.

He admits SE is also guilty of this, since they have a lot of games that follow this pattern like Circle of Mana (which came out yesterday), Guardian Cross, Million Arthur, etc. While these kinds of "games" have drawn in a lot of new gamers, the old gamers, the ones used to console and handheld games, are being shunned, which is why this year they're planning on not releasing social games and instead release high quality games that appeal to "hardcore" gamers."

7th Mar 2013, 03:22
This is a great decision. So far, 2013 looks like it could be a great year for Square Enix fans. KH1.5, FFXHD, BDFF... Maybe even Versus?

Even though none of it is what I'm looking for, I'm happy this is the direction you're taking, Square Enix.

7th Mar 2013, 03:46
A sudden change of heart? But it's a good thing, I never cared about those social games.

7th Mar 2013, 03:56
I'll believe it when I see it (or don't see it)

7th Mar 2013, 11:23
This is amazing news! I've already posted the news to my other favorite forums! ;)

Glad Square will now focus on "hardcore gamers"!

7th Mar 2013, 14:26
Finally! I hate seeing SE do games for social sites when they should be working on the meat and potatoes of the company, which are new console games! Doesn't even have to be FF or KH related! I would love a new SE IP. But no more social games.

9th Jun 2013, 13:22
So, I want to start this off w/ a bit of a disclaimer: I have been a long time fan of Square Enix and their games, going way back to when I was about 8 years old and purchased the original Final Fantasy on NES within weeks of it's release. I am now in my mid-30's, so my love for this company and it's games go way back, and I hate seeing what has been going on with it lately. I wanted to send some feedback directly to SE, but decided that that probably wouldn't go anywhere anyway, so I thought I'd start a discussion on the forums and see what others thought about the situation. I don't know how heavily moderated this forum is, but I hope not so heavily moderated that they shut down any thread that criticizes SE in a constructive manner. This thread is not to attack SE, but rather vent some frustrations that I, and possibly others, may have and discuss possible ways these problems can be avoided or rectified in the future. And hopefully this will all make it's way up the ladder and be seen by someone @ SE.

Anyway....this might be a bit long winded, but I am interested in what others have to think about all this, so please, read through to the end, keep trolling and flaming to a min, and lets keep it constructive.

I have been wondering what is up w/ Square-Enix these days? It just seems that they are totally, completely, and utterly out of touch w/ their fan base and what people really want. I just don't get it. Some examples of the questionable decisions they have made lately....

Lets start with the elephant in the room, a HD FFVII remake, or at least one w/ improved textures. Personally, I think it would make them a freakin MINT and totally erase their loses of the last few years. Yes, I know they have their reasons for not proceeding w/ a FFVII remake; extremely long dev cycle, soaring dev costs, etc., ok, I can buy that, but I still think any costs would be more than made up through sales. While we're talking about "HD remakes" though, there is a definite desire to see "HD remakes" of VIII and IX as well, but they don't seem to be in the cards either. To be fair, there is a remake of the international version of X in the works, which I am pretty excited about, but we haven't really heard anything about it for awhile, and STILL don't have info on a possible release date except 'something in 2013'. I don't know about anyone else, but I would MUCH rather have VII, VIII, and IX redone w/ nothing more then updated textures then the five games based in the XIII-universe that were announced but never mentioned again.

Next, there was, and still is, a desire in the gaming community to be able to play early FF games on smart phones and tablets. SE heard that and decided to give them to us, but then they decide to charge $15 bucks a piece! Ridonculous. IMO they could have sold so many more copies, and made so much more money if they had given them a reasonable price-point, say $5. I know I personally would have bought them all if they had. Instead I haven't bought any of them, b/c $15 is just way too much for an iOS/Android game, even if said game is a FF title. I understand they probably sunk a good bit of dev time into these ports, and have sold the ports at a higher price-pint on 3DS and the consoles, and people did buy them, but SE doesn't seem to understand just how different the mobile landscape is then dedicated gaming machines, even portable ones.

In nearly the same vein, no where is SE's lack of understanding the mobile market reflected more clearly expressed than in the titles SE developed specifically for the mobile/tablet platforms. The biggest example of which is the near universally derided "All the Bravest", which could have been a cool game, IF it had been an actual game instead of a thinly veiled attempt to milk money out of people. This one game nearly single handidly destroyed any sense of good-will the mobile market still had for SE. I mean, gaming sites and publications issues absolutely scathing reviews, and one even went so far as to release a "public service announcement" telling people to stay far away from this title!

Another issue is that people (always) want a new game in the numbered FF series. They gave us XIII, which was alright, I personally really enjoyed it. But then, instead of turning to a new entry, or something different, they tell us they are making like FIVE (!!!) more games all based in the XIII "universe", and so far haven't delivered on any except XIII-2, which IMO, I think they should abandon all development on any further XIII based games.

Now, we have the lattest issue concerning the leaked "Nosgoth" image. To say it stired the pot of LoK/SR fans would be a huge understatement. LoK/SR fans have been chomping at the bit for a new game in the series, one that retained the same type of gameplay, and either continued or concluded the absolutely amazing story. But what do we get? An anncouncement that the image has nothing to do w/ a new entry in the LoK/SR series, and that we 'shouldn't expect...a traditional Legacy of Kain action-adventure game...' and that "Nosgoth is set in the same universe as previous LoK games, but on a different branch to the Blood Omen and Soul Reaver series. The community should not be thinking of Nosgoth in terms of a single-player experience.". Yeah, sounds wonderful...Don't give the LoK/SR fans the game they've been praying for for the last few years. Lets instead give them what looks to be yet another lame MOBA or LoL/DOTA-type that I wouldn't be surprised if, literally, not one person asked for.

The issues I brought up above are just some of the bigger mis-steps, IMO, SE has made lately. They are clearly in trouble based on nothing more then the HUGE losses they posted for the previous fiscal year. Now, an independant dev/publisher can't sustain losses like that for very long, and I think the first step in correcting these issues was Wada-san stepping down, but I fear for the future of SE if they can't regain touch w/ their fans and the gaming community. They have an awesome stable of IP's, and have proven over and over again that they can make some incredible gaming experiences, but they need to lose all that hubris, and pay closer attention to what their fans and the gaming community at large want, and indeed are not shy in directly asking for. Please Square Enix, your fans adore you and want to see this long, excrutiating slide come to an end.

So, what does everyone else think? Am I way off, spot-on, or somewhere in between?

9th Jun 2013, 17:05
I'll reply in regards to the FF7 remake. The reason they said was they don't want to remake 7 until they make a new FF that surpasses it first. In other words they'll keep baiting us and will never make it because lets be honest they cant surpass 7 with the way they are going. Next is another reason why they wont make it. Its not really about the man power or trouble or resources in a way the fans are divided about remaking 7. A lot want it not only for nostalgia and the idea alone of playing it again is insane but look at it this way. They either remaster it or rework it from ground up but any way they go they lose why? They change it up people will be pissed they dont change it up and just give improved graphics people will still be pissed. I for one want a remake im dying for one but when you try to look at it objectively its just never happening. We can ask as much as we want but its never coming. Some say it wont survive some say it will everything is just divided right now. From SE's point of view though its doable, will they make money of it? Yes, will they please the fans, I'd like to believe and say a lot of them at least.

But yes square has been out of touch with their fans ever since they merged with enix. Thats a known fact. They just do what they want release titles they want and now its starting to bite them. ARR is a good step in the right direction but not having V13 or KH3 on e3 is 2 steps back.

One step forward Two steps back the story of SE these days.


11th Jun 2013, 13:18
-I am in 100% agreement with the FF7 remake...dont change anything...dont try to "fix" anything...just redo the graphics...voice addition would be nice too, but thats it. As for their lame shell of an excuse "We wont redo FF7 until we make something better" someone needs to slap some sense into them, and in a hurry. Since they will NEVER make another game that even comes CLOSE to the popularity or surpass it in any way making the types of games they are now..Since when was FF a loot hallway game? Or one that did the battles for you? 13 was like watching a bunch of cutscenes put together, with a bit of running inbetween. Every game they have made since 10 has flopped...IMO 12 wasnt horrible, but the slow slow storyline intro made it hard for many people to get into, when 2 hours into the game you dont care about the characters, or understand the basic storylines its very hard to have a successful game, especially coming off the X-2 flop (which I liked in a cheesy sort of way)...Get back to the basics guys...This is the bad guy...you are the good guy...he is going to destroy the planet/city/whatever...stop him type of story. The brief cinematic we saw at E3 only reinforces my opinion that Square has no clue what they are even making anymore...yes, the visuals looked stunning, yes the combat looked fluid...but...it looked more and more like a 3rd person hacknslash as the video went on, which is not what people expect or want from a FF game, thats what GoW or Assassains Creed is for....

-I dont have an issue with the $15 for the mobile games, especially for great titles like 4. I have an issue with "Pay 15 to get the basic game, now keep shelling out for these additions and basic gameplay requirements"

-I dont have an issue with sequels to the games per-se, as opposed to creating something totally new. But making sequels and spinoffs to a game that failed so badly is mind-bogglingly stupid and likely explains why they bled so much cash

-Based on what I've seen, dont expect the trend of mediocrity or "wtf is this game" to end anytime soon...Give it another year or 2 of bleeding cash and they will be forced to go back to what made them successful, or they will close/bought out by some other company that hopefully has sense

6th Nov 2013, 15:06
Square Enix’s sets three strategic changes (http://www.siliconera.com/2013/11/06/square-enixs-sets-three-strategic-changes-gaming-division/) for their gaming division (Siliconera)
– Square Enix has a new president and new ideas on how to move the company forward. The publisher behind Dragon Quest announced three strategic changes to the digital entertainment business.

27th Dec 2013, 01:47
I recently read an article discussing the financial losses Square Enix faced in the North America and European markets leading to resignation of major personnel within the Square Enix's management hierarchy. Perhaps it is time for the company to drop all of their subpar current projects and begin the long awaited ressurrection of Chrono Trigger and Xenogear franchises. These franchises marked the golden age of RPG's of the 1990's - the staple of quality RPG's that subsequent titles have failed to match in nearly two decades. :)

~ A humble observer

3rd Oct 2014, 02:31
(I'm posting this in every big company site forums so. Nothing personal SE <3)
Ladies and gentlemen.
I'm here because, I'm tired.

I'm tired of constantly being promised games, games that will be better, more interesting, longer, more fun then I ever see. Games like Destiny, Watch Dogs, Call of Duty (whatever here).

I'm tired of games that have a longer lifespan then they should, games that seem like they were rushed into production instead of having the time taken to release something worth playing.

So, let me point out some things in detail.

Destiny, great game, or at least I thought, till I got to end game.
Once I hit end game I thought pvp was gonna be awesome, there was gonna be things to do! I even found myself all excited over it. Little did I know they didn't really plan well for end game. A week into playing destiny I'm level 27, found out I needed the raid gear to get to level 30. I have 2 pieces of raid gear, I can't actually upgrade them because ascendant shards are impossible to find, so I play destiny once a week (Tuesday) because you can only do the raid once a week, the queen gear wont give ascendant shards, and after the last update legendary gear in a drop is almost impossible. So this game in my opinion is a bust, and I didn't even get into how unbalanced pvp is.

Call of Duty, After a while you would think people would stop buying the same game, over, and over, and over, and over... You get my point.

Watch Dogs, With this game it was fun, really fun. But after a while you realize how much more could have been done with a game like this. Watch Dogs could have been even better then grand theft auto, but the story line was to short, personally I hate the story line because they killed clara but that's just me, and honestly, I like having the ability to select what my multiplier character looks like.

So I guess the reason I'm posting this, is because I want to know who feels the same way I do. I wanna know if there's anyone else out there tired of these games that look so good, and get you so excited to buy them, but when they come out, it's more of a disappointment then anything.

For those of you who are in touch with a producer, or a ceo, or anyone in any company that makes video games. Like Bungie, Kojima Productions, Dice, Naughtydog. Square Enix.

I am tired of these games you continue to have us pay for, without putting the time and effort into the products that we the consumers use our pay checks to line your pockets for.

Stop making games that I can pick up my controller for an hour and be good at, stop making games that aren't thought through and only a week to play like Destiny. Stop remaking CoD every year and find something else to spend your time on that I actually would enjoy playing, instead of making this game where I learn more about my mother then I want to know about, and little 12 year old kids are telling it to me. Stop making games with story lines that are 6 hours long and expecting me to be happy I payed 60$ for 6 hours, Metal Gear Sold 4 was FAR longer then that and it was the same price, take a page from the kojima books, I know hookers cheaper then that and adultery is better then any game.

To be honest I wish I was a game producer, at least I know what gamers in 2014 want because I myself spend more time on my ps4 then game producers do in the office.

9th Dec 2014, 19:06
Hey guys for fans of the FF7 franchise I've started a petition for a remake of Before Crisis FF7 to gather signatures and following Tabata's 2010 teasy comments about loving to make it, this is to see if fans would be interested in a remake and show SE that it would be worth making :D http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/BCFF7 if you share the sentiment and would like to see this happen, sign and share^^ Thanks for your time :D

7th Mar 2015, 18:30

Shape the future (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8L8WHJR) of Square Enix!
- Take a survey for a chance to win $100 to the fancy new Square Enix Online Store!

9th Mar 2015, 03:18
Friendly reminder: When you take the survey, make sure to (tactfully) tell Square-Enix to get off their asses and get to work on the backlog of un-localized Dragon Quest games from the past THREE YEARS.

29th May 2015, 13:44
Financial Report

Square Enix planning new title announcements at E3 (http://www.novacrystallis.com/2015/05/square-enix-planning-new-title-announcements-at-e3/) (Nova Crystallis)
- Square Enix will be announcing several new games at E3 next month, according to president Yosuke Matsuda in a recent financial report.

Square Enix To Collaborate More With Other Developers (http://www.siliconera.com/2015/05/29/square-enix-to-collaborate-more-with-other-developers/) (Siliconera)
- Square Enix's IP Policies: Reboot, Create, Collaborate (http://www.khinsider.com/news/Square-Enix-s-IP-Policies-Reboot-Create-Collaborate-5462) (KHInsider)

Square Enix Financial Report (http://www.hd.square-enix.com/eng/ir/library/docs/150512/page01.html)
- Outline of Results Briefing held on May 12, 2015

21st Oct 2015, 21:37

Square Enix Plan On Bringing Back Old IPs While Making New Ones For The Future (http://www.siliconera.com/2015/10/21/square-enix-plan-on-bringing-back-old-ips-while-making-new-ones-for-the-future/) (Siliconera)
- Square Enix released their annual report for 2015, which provides us an in-depth look at how the company has fared thus far in the current fiscal year ending March 2016, along with plans for the future.

18th Jan 2016, 15:49
Is there anything planned for like an updated version of the game "gangsters: organized crime"? Maybe a remake or a modern day gang version. I feel like i keep seeing the same type of games come out. This would be a change of pace, kind of like a sandbox,strategy/action game instead of the story driven(people come back to life) type of games etc

19th Jan 2016, 02:00
I strongly agree. I mean I love the FF games, but like most, feel SE has fallen short. Xenogears was a great game and SE just let it die! Titan fall was/is huge. That could have been you SE!! It still can. Bring Xenogears back. Open world sandbox multiplayer. Huge hangars where you can upgrade your gears. Still keep the storyline, but also have multiplayer and online modes. It's time to bring Xenogears back to life. Titan fall, Halo, Destiny have all proven to do extremely well on the market. If SE can redo this game right, they could bounce back.

27th Jan 2016, 16:05
Yes talking about titles. WTF Square Enix, WTF have you done with FFVII. If I want a hack and slash rpg game , I´d rather play Diablo. But if you want to sell a game such as a the FFVII, which is the most legendary game of all the FF series, why would you transform it for the rat kids?. Why would make a game so cheese just to sell it to the kids that doesn´t want to read or think. Why would you take out the SOUL of the game, wiping out the tactical turned base systems that likes to all the old gamers?- Why would you mutilate the game in 3 or more parts, aside from being a bunch of........ to sell more copies. Why would you take out all the things that made FF VII a game with a great story line?. You should just add the new graphics, and that´s all. We would hav or will buy it, but no, yo have to be soooo creative right?.
Square Enix you let all the loyal fan base down.
I would love to see what answers can you give us to justify this. We have been expecting a Remaster of this game for so long, and you did it, you killed it like EA killed Ultima IX. And just to sell it to the newbies that has no brain.

Kind regards

7th Feb 2016, 10:40
I believe this is good new. Funny thing is I didn't expected it.