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13th Jul 2003, 22:58
for all you fans of FF7, imagine, if you could free of charge download the full game of final fantasy, and with a few clicks replace any character sprite, replace the background stills, or put in new movies by downloading mods of the internet?

Correct me if i am wrong, but it seems to me that eidos and squaresoft are no longer putting ff7 pc version on the market. i fail to see final fantasy action figures, adds, or any other evidence that edios and square still receive any form of income from final fanasy VII anymore.

Now, what if edios was to give out under an open source contract the source code to final fanasty VII? to me this says that the fans themselves could mod the game, replace graphics, change anything they wanted and put it out for anyone to download, and that insted of edios reciveing continual tech support questions for a game made to run on windows 95, the open source comunity would insted make patches or anything else if there was enough people who cared.

So i ask eidos interactive, squaresoft, and those in this fourm to consider this idea, and if you agree with me, to email square and edios. Mabey one day it could happen

if i am missing anything, please inform me

14th Jul 2003, 16:08
It would have been nice a few years ago... but now the source is obsolete. It would still be cool ('cause I could make models for it ^-^), but they wouldn't release the source code. I saw ffvii in the store a couple months ago (I believe it was brand new). So I think they still get some income from it.

BTW - If someone was going to make movie cutscenes, then they'd probably start on a project with a newer engine. It would make no sense to spend so long on a project(it'd take a while) making these nice movies to have crappy (sorry, but the engine is sub-par) in game graphics...

It's not nice to harrass people by sending them letters asking for things that they're more than likely not going to deliver.

24th Jul 2003, 05:56
First, to do with cutscenes, though it is a possibility to make new cut scenes, (not that you cant replace them already by replacing the files) that is probably the least likely to happen, unless for some reason you decided to make a totaly new game, or add new story sequences. Changing the feild sprites would probably be the main reason for altering the game, besides creating patches. it seems to me that for a compitant 3d modeler, it could take a day mabey to create more complex models for character body parts. curently, models are as simplistic as they come, making improvement failry easy.

if i were emailing eidos multiple times about this idea, then i would consider it harrasment, however i have only sent one email, and that is what email is for, to present an idea. further emails by others would be to let eidos know people care (which it appears, unfortuneatly, they dont)

thankyou for you time.