View Full Version : Neptune's Hall Crash and Lack of Sprint

Jesus DeSaad
13th Jul 2003, 20:06
In the Hall of Seasons i tried to get inside Neptune's Hall and every time the loading screen appears, the game crashes and I'm left staring a message saying
Build Jul 2 2003 17:17:10

The Following Error has occured

I thought that I should finish with the other trial rooms first, but it's still the same problem: Loading screen, crash, back to desktop, above message.
I read that I should tamper with the Advanced Sound Options, did so, but the level still crashes. Anyway, i think that topic referred only to intro screen crashes.

That, plus, is Lara able to use Sprint up to the Hall Of Seasons? Or is she supposed to learn sprinting later yet? Another guy has mentioned the same problem. Whenever I press sprint i get Freelook, whether I reconfigure or leave the keys alone.

I allready downloaded the v42 patch and yet the problem keeps on going. Plus, although the guy in the Cafe in the Parisian Ghettos got back his face after the patch, some of the Louvre guards still walk with shattered skullish faces.

I seriously request that someone gives me a straight solution. I've been buying original Tomb Raiders since 1, a tradition I intend to continue, but if you guys treat us like this from now on, giving us games that need patches as soon as they're out, I don't know what will happen.

14th Jul 2003, 16:58
Well then, two things:
1st - Lara only gets the sprint ability after the Hall of Seasons, so don't worry.
2nd - try reinstalling the game, everyone is getting that problem, but a reinstall should solve it (for a while). If not, get updated drivers for your graphics/sound card. The guys at Eidos must be working on a solution, but for now, you just gotta have faith! ;)

Reply if you have any other problems!