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13th Jul 2003, 17:08
what is the best graphics card that will work with this game???
I have nvidia tnt 64mb card and the game play is very choppy and no fmv at the loading start up screen just the music. I have the latest drivers and directx 9 loaded. not sure what the settings should be set at from the main menu tried a few not much improvement. the only thing I can see is the os i'm running is ME is this game designed for XP or is it my video card???? Helpppppp!!!!!

14th Jul 2003, 00:15
i sort of got a fix for my fmv problem. I have a dual boot os machine ME and XP pro. so i rebooted in XP pro and installed the game using this os and all the driver updates of course. and wola the fmv run the game play is a little better to but still could use some tweaking hope this helps anyone else.

14th Jul 2003, 09:02
I was able to fix my choppy graphics by turnign on all the special effecs, which is very odd indeed.


15th Jul 2003, 19:20
how do you turn on all those options you talk about???

16th Jul 2003, 08:09
Before you start the game, another little window comes up where you would click 'Run Game' to play. If instead you click 'Settings', then by selecting the tab with the name of your graphics card you can access all the settings that your card supports.