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13th Jul 2003, 13:16
Hey!!! Has anyone read the new GameSpy article? They say that you fight Janos. Is this true? But we've had to fight Kain before too, and he's not such a bad guy. Maybe you have to bring Janos back to sanity or maybe putting the dark heart back in his chest changes him. But in BO2 he says the heart not being in him made them able to channel his power.

13th Jul 2003, 13:34
Don't think it will be the Janos, its probaly a codename for the Ancients models, plus, don't you think you shoulda said that with a spoiler covering it?

13th Jul 2003, 13:37
Hey, my bad Leazy, I didn't think you had to cover anything that was written in an article, but I'll be sure to do that in the future. Anyways, the picture looks like the same Janos that is in SR2

13th Jul 2003, 13:42
No prob, You don't need to do that for everything in an article, its just that it reveals a character and people on other forums were sying how they wished they hadn't read the preview cos it ruined it for them.

13th Jul 2003, 13:43
yeah but his wings seem more intimidating and his eyes are glowing green just like the lesser creatures Kain and Raz will be fighting in Defiance so we will have to wait and see, but its is an emeny IMO cos Raz has the reaver on (plus there is bound to be a bit of word swapping from the two of them before anyhting else happens):D

13th Jul 2003, 14:08
I personally hope that Janos is still good because he's been one of my favorite characters. Why, if he and Raziel weren't friends I just don't think I could bear it.

(Puts Reaver away) There now we're friends again.

(For any of you who have ever seen the classic movie Tombstone)

13th Jul 2003, 14:22
(Puts Reaver away) There now we're friends again. < lol it would be great if it were that easy but ive a felling we may meet this winged creature more than once as we will be hopping through time again(maybe we will fight him in the future go back in time Raz says" you vile bastard i killed you 2 weeks from now" then the winged one takes offence and waits two weeks to fight raz) causing Raz to start the fight as usual!
Iknow its crazy but so is time travelling!(apparantly)

Matt from Spam Buddies
13th Jul 2003, 14:24
Stukedogg, why couldn't You commented about this in the already previously made GameSpy LOK-D article thread in this very same forum?

And I think You should REALLY edit Your post and cover it with a spoiler-warning, or better yet, delete the whole thread.

I made the mistake of reading GS's article and that made me cry out loud why did I even have to wake up this morning.

I don't want other fans to feel the same, so... cover it up, boy.

- Matthew

13th Jul 2003, 15:07
Matt, I did it for you bud, so you better appreciate it. But I'm still very curious about the whole thing. I like the whole 2 week plan. Good one day, bad another.

Matt from Spam Buddies
13th Jul 2003, 15:14
Hehe. Thanks, mate, although I don't think I'll be thanking You too much for this.

Why oh why did You make another thread when we already had one? And it was my thread! I have feelings too You know!

I cook and cook, but You never listen to me! Always about Your day, what about my day, huh?

Oh... oh wait... No I don't. I don't even know hot to cook.

Hehe, skip that. :D :p

Okay, thanks for covering it up, mate.

Can someone teach my how to cook? :D

- Matthew

13th Jul 2003, 15:53
Can someone teach my how to cook?

Cover it in batter, through it into boiling fat and fry the f*&k out of it!!!;)

Thats the way we do it here lmao

Matt from Spam Buddies
13th Jul 2003, 16:11
Thank You!

I'll go make some soup using this method!

- Matthew

13th Jul 2003, 16:29
I'll go make some soup using this method!
Tell me ,how does one guy get to be so funny!?:rolleyes:

Matt from Spam Buddies
13th Jul 2003, 16:31
Natural gift... or a deformation...

- Matthew

13th Jul 2003, 16:37
maybe its a deformed gift....like my own warped hehe
(no offence just havin a laff);)

Matt from Spam Buddies
13th Jul 2003, 16:52
Now You've made my other head cry.

- Matthew

13th Jul 2003, 19:47
Originally posted by Matt from Spam Buddies
Now You've made my other head cry


Jus' keeping it clean. ;)

13th Jul 2003, 21:24
What I don't understand is:

if janos is a boss and you kill him, how do the events of BO2 occur? Janos doesn't look any different there. He tries to help kain at the end. The guy in the pics HAS to be janos tho. He looks changed quite a lot though. For instance, his wings are different colours and he generally looks evil and like the last boss of a final fantasy game.

Matt from Spam Buddies
13th Jul 2003, 21:30
Hey, fneh, haven't seen You in a while, mate, welcome back.
Let me brake it down for You.

During Your absence GameSpy went spoilerificly nuts and revealed that there will be a boss fight with Janos. Now, they didn't tell whether the bloke on those two screenshots is Janos, but so it seems that we have hit the jackpot and that bloke, in fact, IS Janos. Okay, so, he's Janos. And he's a boss. And he looks more devious. All crazy-coloured wings and stuff. Some people suggest that Raziel restored him, but something unexpected occured and Janos was turned evil. This may be due the Dark Entity himself or ... some other ... thang ... So anyway, Ben suggested that because the GameSpy reporter got to play that stage, maybe that particular Janos fight was in the beginning of the game. However, who tells that Janos dies in that boss battle? Maybe it isn't even Janos? Maybe it's someone disguised as him? Maybe he manages to escape? Is it his body? So... that all remains to be seen, mate, and most probably he wont die... again...

- Matthew

13th Jul 2003, 21:37
Several previews have said that Kain and Raziel are 500 years apart at the beginning of the game. If Kain is in the Blood Omen era, then it's possible that Raziel is in one that takes place *after* the events of Blood Omen 2 (e.g. Janos being tossed into the demon dimension).

Matt from Spam Buddies
13th Jul 2003, 21:45
Indeed, Ben, for the Elder God is much more ... okay ... VERY large in the screens we've seen.
And also from the trailer we saw that the door Kain annihilated in such a rabbid manner had been restored by the time Raziel got there.

Very interesting...

- Matthew

13th Jul 2003, 22:54
All I know is, the whole situation in Nosgoth is one huge conspiracy. I like Janos so if he's bad I think that he's been corrupted. Or something. (Just in case) If you do fight him You have to do that in other games too and the person is good afterwards, Castlevania III for instance. You have to take on Alucard and then he's your friend afterwards. All I know is that I can't wait for November.

14th Jul 2003, 18:14
thankee. I'm glad to be back. I went away because I've been so busy at work so haven't had time for my computer. (I still I'll be popping in a couple of times a week to make sure I don't miss anything)

I don't think that is janos from after being in the demon world because he seems to be in his home. It looks to me like he turns on raziel right after he's been resurrected. Maybe I was right way back (about a year or 2 ago now shortly after I finished SR2) and janos becomes a wraith or something? Either way He has to escape because of the BO2 events.....it just doesn't make any sense!!!!!

16th Jul 2003, 05:30
Wether janos is eveil or not I still think he looks better than before.

P.S. For everyone that read the gamespy's review =did you guys forget the number of bosses that they told us there was gonna be?if you did then good 4u.;)

17th Jul 2003, 01:00
Originally posted by blincoln
Several previews have said that Kain and Raziel are 500 years apart at the beginning of the game. If Kain is in the Blood Omen era, then it's possible that Raziel is in one that takes place *after* the events of Blood Omen 2 (e.g. Janos being tossed into the demon dimension).

At the start of the game, I would guess Raziel is in the same era he was when we last saw 'im. The BO era is 500 yrs after that.

But it is possible that the screen shot in question is from some other era in Nosgoths history.

17th Jul 2003, 14:25
There's a new thread, where everybody seems to think that Janos is "evil." I'm not under this impression. Is there anyone left who thinks he is out to help Raziel? I think when someone is willing to die for you (twice) once for Raziel and once for Kain. Then they are on your side. Would you die for the enemy just to keep a facade going? I believe that if Janos seems evil in the next game that he is being controled by an evil entity that you might have to rid him of. Whatever the case I'm excited to see. If anyone still thinks that Janos is good let them speak now.

17th Jul 2003, 15:12
Though this ancient in the pic could be Janos it most certainly is not.;) With not so much as a shred of the story or plotline being revealed yet, why would this tester be informed that this is Janos. Im inclined to believe he wasnt; dont get me wrong though I'm not calling him a liar just contradicting him with my opinion. I think that from playing SR2 or TLOKS-BO2 he assumed this ancient was Janos. I could most certainly be totally wrong but I think its safe to assume; forgive me it should never be so but I just dont see this being Janos, most unfortunatly I could be in denial the fact of the matter is that this most certainly might be Janos but the subconcious or underlying fact is I dont want it too be.:o

Postscript: I really hope there are more than said bosses, punkst4r, infact I hope there are more than said mini-bosses. O and incase anyone is wondering the realization was that nothing has been revealed about who bosses are or any storyline happenings.

17th Jul 2003, 18:52
Even if the Ancient pictured on gamespy and gamespot is Janos. you dont know what has happened or why they appear to be facing off. its like looking at one piece of a jigsaw puzzle and claiming to know what the whole picture is. ya just dont know:)

i used to be adament that Janos was Benevolent but those pictures did shake my confidence in that opinion. im still inclined to believe that Janos is a good guy. if it is Janos and they are fighting, it may just be that he is not himself, under the power of the dark forces or something.

just conjecture but thats what a forum is for right? ;)

17th Jul 2003, 19:53
Originally posted by Osyris
just conjecture but thats what a forum is for right? ;)

I never said I knew it wasnt Janos I said I was inclined to believe it wasnt.
Originally posted by Saitou
Though this ancient in the pic could be Janos it most certainly is not.;) Notice the wink at the end of this sentence, I thought it wouldnt be necessary, obviously I was mistaken.:rolleyes: Also IMHO I would say that these forums are not to make conjectures but to discuss already established ones.:p

17th Jul 2003, 20:59
In gamespy

They said that it is janos and that he's a boss.

17th Jul 2003, 21:03
hmmm thats the impression I also got.

18th Jul 2003, 05:44
Janos's eyes never glowed before so janos has to be under the control of dark forces or blinded by rage(not towards raziel though) but it's definately not the good ole janos "any more".I am 80% sure that janos doesn't fight raziel because he wants to, his appearence clearly shows that it has to be some sort of blindness like not recognizing who raziel is.

18th Jul 2003, 08:07
seriously all sarcasm aside, I seriously dont bel...think that is Janos, why would CD let you play a demo with a stage in which you fight a major character of the story. They wouldnt that would be telling us hey Janos is a boss and you as Raziel must fight him; I think it was Lucent who said that there are statues of ancients that come alive, so this could be a pic of one of them.

18th Jul 2003, 18:46
I think what Lucent meant was that they come to life but still stay in their stone form not flesh and bones.