View Full Version : please help, how to get to items menu????

13th Jul 2003, 03:36
:mad: HOW DO YOU GET TO THE ITEMS MENU?!?!! HOW DO I USE THE ITEMS I PICKED UP!?! AND PLEASE!! PLEASE!! PLEASE!!! HOW DO YOU USE A GUN!!? i think my pc version of the game is messed up, help me!!!

13th Jul 2003, 03:59
Have you ever tried reading the manual in the CD case? :rolleyes:

13th Jul 2003, 04:01
my girlfriend's niece tore it to shreds, not spending more money to buy one, can you just tell me what to do or not?:mad:

13th Jul 2003, 05:16
With you being so nice and all?
Don't think so!
You're on your own as far as I am concerned!

13th Jul 2003, 05:18
thanks alot. Anyone out there wanna help me out please?

13th Jul 2003, 06:57
how about checking the Keyboard menu in the Options menu ?

13th Jul 2003, 16:08
That was the first thing i did, there is no key option for an items menu, and space is suppose to be my draw button, but it does nothing, i tried recongifuring every button, but it still doesnt work.

13th Jul 2003, 19:33
press the tab key

13th Jul 2003, 23:57
Yep TAB Key is the Key
B nice next time ross73
It doesn't require all that anger, I discovered when I reached Boucahrds Hideout ;) :D