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13th Jul 2003, 01:04
Hey everybody.

Last Thursday, Amy was kind enough to offer to try and get some answers to fan questions (from the NR forums) about Simon Templeman and Michael Bell while down in LA for the voice recording sessions. Unfortunately there wasn't time to pass them onto the actors themselves, but she was able to answer almost all of them anyway! This is so cool! Thanks Amy!!

- Where is Simon Templeman originally from, like what part of England? And does he know COkney Rhyming SLang [sic]?

Simon is from Sussex. Amy says they're hoping to include some candid bits of Simon on the Defiance disc, that
way everybody would get a chance to hear what he sounds like normally. She describes his voice as less formal
than Kain's, and that when he's not playing Kain he drops his t's. No word on the rhyming slang, whatever that
might be.

- How many characters are they going to be doing voices for in Defiance?

Since their voices are so recognizable, Simon is *only* playing Kain this time, and Michael
will be voicing Raziel and one or two minor characters.

- Has Simon played any of the games?

Apparently not. Amy also thinks he doesn't want to expose his kids to them =).

- Are René and Richard that funny all the time? Michael obviously is.

Some of them are sillier than the others, but they all have senses of humour and joke around a lot. Again,
they are hoping to include some of this on the Defiance disc.

- How do they feel about the fandom? Simon, Michael, Amy, everyone?

All of the actors are flattered by the fandom, and most of them have even had people come up and ask
them about the games. Amy says they think it's sweet, and that they're all nice people.

- Which characters (not exclusively Legacy of Kain) that they've played are they the most attached to?

Simon's favourite roles have been Hamlet and Romeo.

Dark God Francisco
13th Jul 2003, 01:14
Cool thanks Blincoln and mucho thanks to Amy.

13th Jul 2003, 01:20
I guess that Simon really doen't care much for the game......but very good voice actor.

13th Jul 2003, 01:40
Hey, hey, hey. Amy never said that. I'm sure they all actually care about their work. If Simon doesn't want his kids exposed to them, then that's fine. They are very violent games, ya know?:)

13th Jul 2003, 01:54
As much as I like the series, I can totally understand his point of view. I don't know how old his kids are, but I can imagine it would screw up - say - a ten-year-old pretty seriously to see a guy with their dad's voice go around killing people and drinking their blood =P.

13th Jul 2003, 02:20
That's exactly what I was thinking.

13th Jul 2003, 02:21
Too right. I mean... well, yeah.

I'm kind of drunk right now, so I can't comment any further, expect by saying thankyou so much to Amy for answering those questions :)

I've just realised... most of my posts are made when drunk. This is a very, very bad example :(

Omega Maximus
13th Jul 2003, 02:46
I hope Michael Bell has fond memories of his GI Joe/Transformer days. Campy goodness aboud :D

13th Jul 2003, 05:40
What I meant was that he's probably not as big a fan of the game as we are .I think he does care about his work.

13th Jul 2003, 06:36
After seeing him in the SR2 outakes/extras, I feal that he cares a great deal. He is passionate in every way. And, it doesn't look to me that it is just "acting" that way. He really is careful to portray the character right. It's the same with Bruce Campbell from the Evil Dead series. He is totally appreciative and respectful of his characters, however, he has said also he would not allow his kids to view those films until they are older. I do not think that is any evidence to say someone doesn't care as much. In fact, all it shows is that he has good judgment. If I had a child that was less than 10-13 years old, I wouldn't dream of letting them play a M rated game. Nor a R rated movie. That's my personal preference, and it is others.

13th Jul 2003, 08:02
I agree with you, on Simon, and on not being able to totally protect your kids. I just feal they should have a base set of the rules, what is right and wrong, and if a movie, game, or CD goes against that, then it is the Parent's responsibility to say to that child, or children, that this is inappropriate and shouldn't be viewed or listened to at their age.

I agree also, I have watched the Terminator, and other R movies (such as Freddie Kruger and such) since I was a little kid. It should be as you said, an understanding that if caught mimicking the ways of the bad influences, that there will be one unholy reckoning to be experienced.

I just meant that encouraging your kids to play, or experience things that perhaps Mr. Templeten's kids are way too young to experience would be dumb. You know they will get into it eventually, but saying "here, it's ok" to participate in it is not something ANY parent should be doing.

I think I have derailed this discussion long enough, I'll retire from it now.

Matt from Spam Buddies
13th Jul 2003, 08:21
Hey, thanks Ben and Amy. :)

Now I can truly see what nice people work behind the series.

Haha. I'd like to see Simon in Hamlet's role. He must be so very very good at it. :)

- Matthew

13th Jul 2003, 08:27
Big thanks to you bouth blinc and Amy.
Very interesting information.:)

13th Jul 2003, 09:11
Same here with Terminator, even though my Dad skipped through most of the violent parts.

And I also agree with DJpick. If a kid knows that it isn't real, and that it is wrong to commit violent acts, then I don't see what the big deal is. Either the kid has to be a psycho or just plain dumb. But, I'd still wait until my kid was at least 11 or something before he could see the full, uncut movie.

13th Jul 2003, 12:46
Well, I'm not drunk anymore, so here goes.

It's totally understandable that Simon and/perhaps Michael don't want their children exposed to the violence on the Legacy of Kain games. Whilst it's nothing like the Resident Evil series, and other 'slash-em-up' style games, it's not exactly a walk in the part with Bambi.

Oh wait, his mother died.. bad example.

Basically, what I mean is, there is so much violence around us in the world today that it's hard to protect children from it's effects and parents (as hard as it is to understand for us kids, I mean, I hate it when my dad was fast-foward through someone being killed) need to feel that they are at least in control of something, and can therefore limit their intake of violent images.

Again I say, much kudos to Ben, Amy, Simon, and Michael for taking their valuable time (and ours, hurry up and finish the game!! :p Joking :)) to answer the questions :)

Matt from Spam Buddies
13th Jul 2003, 14:39
Yup. I've spotted Mike endlessly in all kinds of V.O.'s. Many of them are my favourite childhood cartoons. :)

I'm gonna have to keep both eyes open for appearances of Simon.

- Matthew

13th Jul 2003, 15:42
this may just be me but b4 i knew what Simon and Michael looked like i thought there images to be the opposite of each other ,Kain sounds like an older man while Raziel sounds the younger of the 2?
Did anyone else think this?:confused:

Matt from Spam Buddies
13th Jul 2003, 16:02

- Matthew

Apocrypha Roxy
13th Jul 2003, 16:56
Actually, Amy said that Simon wouldn't want to expose his children to the content in LoK. Perhaps he doesn't have time to sit down with a PS2 and go through the game? A busy professional, and a dad. :)

About the content thing: to each his own. I know my parents would never let me play a game like this if I was young - hell, I couldn't watch an R movie when I was 12. What can I say? I've been sheltered my whole life. Not anymore... :p Yet on the other side of the spectrum, my 6-year-old nephew loves Raziel. He's not sheltered. But he's intelligent enough to know the difference between reality and fantasy. Plus, he's brilliant. Who else, in Kindergarten, says "I'm bringing apricots!" when everyone else is bringing apples and banannas? :D

Hey, I liked Opie and Anthony when they were on the air, but they got kicked off, so I can't listen to them anymore... Howard Stern is on in the morning, but I don't listen to him anymore, either. No time for the radio...

Zephonim: Yeah, I was shocked when I saw Michael playing Raz - thought he'd be younger. Much younger. Pleasant suprise. :)

Blinc: Ask Amy this - what part of Brooklyn is Michael from? I must know... :D

13th Jul 2003, 20:58
So all the dialogue has been recorded? I was wondering if any of the demos the previewers been playing have had any sound, mainly voices, Im sure thay have sounds.

13th Jul 2003, 21:16
I would guess that as of now the main part of the dialogue is recorded. The videos I've seen haven't had sound, so maybe they *were* silent? Maybe Lucent can confirm this.

Umah Bloodomen
14th Jul 2003, 00:48
Very cool, Blinc. Give my thanks to Amy as well.

I still get a kick out of Michael Bell in the SR2 extras explaining how he had troubles with the game, yet his daughter breezed right through it. LOL.

14th Jul 2003, 01:55
You guys get interviews over there in the SR2 bonus stuff?

If thats the case.. damnit! We only get the soundtracks, outtakes (hilariously funny), concept art etc :(

If not, ignore me...

this may just be me but b4 i knew what Simon and Michael looked like i thought there images to be the opposite of each other ,Kain sounds like an older man while Raziel sounds the younger of the 2?

To be honest.. I didn't really give it that much thought. If they fooled you into believing that though - it just proves how good they actually are ;)

14th Jul 2003, 03:59
Originally posted by Zephonim
this may just be me but b4 i knew what Simon and Michael looked like i thought there images to be the opposite of each other ,Kain sounds like an older man while Raziel sounds the younger of the 2?
Did anyone else think this?:confused:

Yeah, I thought that, too... :o http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/wayfarer/smileltblu.gif

14th Jul 2003, 06:49
Originally posted by The Hylden
After seeing him in the SR2 outakes/extras, I feal that he cares a great deal.

Woah, SR2 outtakes? Is that only on the PS2 etc versions? (i.e. not the PC version, which is what I have..) And either way, are those online anywhere anyone knows of? :)

The Amazing Rando
14th Jul 2003, 07:02
Originally posted by Threnodi
Woah, SR2 outtakes? Is that only on the PS2 etc versions? (i.e. not the PC version, which is what I have..) And either way, are those online anywhere anyone knows of? :)

Yes, it is only on the ps2 versions (at leaast in the US, don't know about the UK). The ps2 disc is a DVD, where the pc is cd, and doesn't have the same storage. The UK version had a few things left out, due to the additional languages added, but I'm not sure what was left out exactly. I think some site has the extras online, but I'm not sure where. It has been talked about n the past, so you can search and look around a bit and find it, along wiht what's left out from the us-uk ps2 games.

Omega, if you're asking about interviews due to the comment Umah made, that was in the outtakes on the us version (again, not sure on Uk). I don't remember any interviews on the ps2 disc tho.

14th Jul 2003, 08:52
There where no interviews in the European version of SR2, and I really would have liked to see them too.
I hope they put the extras in a seperate disc, then nothing will be left out this time around. :)

14th Jul 2003, 10:01
The outtakes were a bit short though, You never gotta see Simon Templeman mucking about:(
Michael Bell is very funny LOL
remember, Raziel is both papa smurf and chucky finsters dad:p

The Amazing Rando
14th Jul 2003, 22:14
Fine, the European version, I was lazy and tired ok. ;) 2 letters is much shorter than 8, so take it up with whoever created the names.

14th Jul 2003, 23:15
True, but you could have said EU. :)

In any case, the correct term is PAL version, which is distributed to pretty much everywhere except America and Japan. Both their versions are called NTSC.

Razielim Angel
14th Jul 2003, 23:51
I hope that the outtakes in Defiance are as good(if not better) than the SR2 ones. It's cool to see how some of the voice actors really are. I really likes the one where Rene Auberjonois messed up the lines in Janos' death scene, then commented "Give me a break, I'm dying here!" still in Janos' voice. There was another thing at the end of the "Time Streaming" recording that was intersting. After finishing the lines, Michel Bell and Richard Doyle do some silly stuff before the clip ends.

Oh yeah, and to answer the other question, I was quite shocked to see what Michel Bell looked like, I thought he was a lot younger than he actually was. It's nice to know what the VA's look like now. ^_^;;;

Apocrypha Roxy
15th Jul 2003, 01:52
'Raziel's back, and Moebius has got 'im!'
'And now, it's the Raziel and Moebius Show!'
-hum gameshow theme-


I liked the Janos flub-up. That was cute. It's so nice to see people with a great sense of humor and tremendous talent/personality working on such a great project. :)

And I still want to know what part of Brooklyn Michael's from... warped curiosity. I'll set up a shrine right on his stoop. :p

15th Jul 2003, 03:13
Blincon: The E3 booth was INCREDIBLY loud, Between the Eidos junkies over at the wrestling arena they were using to promote the games, and the music blarin on the nearby trinatron I could barely hear anything.

I don't recall hearing any sounds coming from the Defiance sets though, XBox or PS2.

15th Jul 2003, 03:17
Hrm. We need some sounds so we can gets a demo!!

16th Jul 2003, 05:10
Michael bell's kids must be really proud of their dad being such a good voice actor.;) :D

17th Jul 2003, 20:09
I've saw Rene in The Patriot, he was great but I haven't saw any other of the VA's in movies:(

17th Jul 2003, 23:31
Originally posted by leazy
I've saw Rene in The Patriot, he was great but I haven't saw any other of the VA's in movies:(

Rene has been in so much stuff it's unbelievable. Most obviously, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Odo.. but also in at least one episode of Murder she Wrote, and an episode of Stargate SG-1.

Mr Bell has done alot... mainly for Rugrats too!

18th Jul 2003, 00:51
And Mr. Auberjonois was also a very memorable "Laughing Skeleton" in "The Last Unicorn".

Umah Bloodomen
18th Jul 2003, 00:53
Originally posted by Sarah
And Mr. Auberjonois was also a very memorable "Laughing Skeleton" in "The Last Unicorn".

He's slated to reprise the role in the live-action remake.

And we can't forget Chef Louis in The Little Mermaid and its sequel.

18th Jul 2003, 08:14
Rankin-Bass rocks! Though, The Last Unicorn's animation was actually done by a Japanese production company:

"As for the animation, it was a joint US-Japanese production with Rankin - Bass handling the US side (story, music, dialog) and the Japanese group handling the animation. The anime style of characters and animation is so strong in this movie that many people (myself included) classify it as an anime movie even though it was primarily a US production. "


The animation actually reminds me of The Hobbit and The Return of the King renditions that Rankin-Bass did. I wonder if the animation for those were also done in Japan... hmm...

20th Jul 2003, 08:07
Mia is gonna play Molly Grue, in fact. ;) They don't know who the unicorn will be yet.

Getting (sorta) back to topic with Rene, he's also gonna play captain culley in the movie. ^_^