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12th Jul 2003, 23:09
Hi, y'all! My old user name is GPForumn if you remember me (like from 1999/2000) and I have a laptop with the Radeon M6-P.

When I launch the FFVII Configuration, I saw that there's Software Rembering and it failed the 8-bit texture pallete.

Is there a way to make it show D3D Hardware Remdering? The reason is because I get slow frame rates even though I got a fast computer! In the main page of the FFVII config, it says between 1996 Unknown Processor or 2006 Unknown Processor even though I got a Pentium 4 Processor with 256 MB DDR. Can anybody help me out or is there a way to make it not to check what 3D card I have? Even though I have a fast computer, I don't think that the FFVII Config does not have to check to see if it meet or exceeds the minimum system requirements because (again), I have a very fast computer.

13th Jul 2003, 01:14
WinXP and a laptop.....I think you should just pass on FF7PC. or download ePSXe and buy the PSX version of the game, and emulate it.....'cause FF7PC is going to be real hard in getting it to run on a WinXP laptop.

You can try the TNT patch and see what happens. When you select the Riva option the 8 bit test will turn in to "---". The TNT patch is really an 8bit palletization, bypass patch.

IF FF7PC is working on your laptop, from the go...then your one of the lucky ones. Lot's of WinXP users can't even get the opening screen to come out. The only other problem that I know that happens 100% of the time with WinXP is the Chocobo Race crash. There is a patch for that in Eidos' Support section. The patch is just for that one crash. Nothing else.

As for the laptop.....you may have problem entering names. the laptop keyboard patch sometimes works, but if it doesn't.....your out of luck.

13th Jul 2003, 02:06
Thanks! As for the keyboard, I had configured the options so that's not a problem.

I got the FFVII Windows XP Patch, though.

I will try either of NVidia Riva / TNT but when I get into games, I saw only the characters but I don't see anything like the train, a door, etc. I had payed $30 for the FFVII PC but I will go to EBay.com and get FFVII PSX version and use the PSX emulator.

Thanks, anyway.

14th Jul 2003, 14:40
You may just be stuck with Software mode then, if you can't see the backgrounds.

I believe, even through emulation....the graphics are only going to be as good as Software mode (I don't really know, I never emulated FF7, just FF9...and FF9 didn't look that pretty).....So if Software mode works....might as well stay with it.

14th Jul 2003, 15:56
Thank you for your help! But the only circumstances that I have is sometimes I get good frame rates but some other times, slow frame rates.

Thanks, again!

(Hmmm... I wonder if I can hack right into FF7 Config file and disable auto-checking of video cards to see if it meets the minimum or exceeds the system requirements...)

14th Jul 2003, 19:01
If you had a Geforce card I would have suggested that you use the FF7config from the patch, and the FF7.exe from the game and to "not" check any of the Riva boxes.

But this method only works if the 8 bit pallet had said Pass.

There is a instants when you get black backgrounds with the Geforce card, too. At least I have seen it before on my machine....I just don't remember, what caused it.

I think it happened when I used the FF7.exe and FF7config from the game, with an old Geforce Driver that had the 8 bit pallet disabled (6.50?). (the newer Detonator drivers have fixed their 8 bit pallet problem.). It kinda sounds like your situation....but then the TNT patch should have worked???? Using both the FF7config.exe and the FF7.exe from the TNT patch.... AND Checking the Riva TNT box options on the bottom, inside FF7config.

I guess you need someone with a ATI card, to help you....I just know how to get this game working on a Win9x, Geforce machines.

17th Aug 2003, 03:17

I am a WinXP notebook user with an ATI Radeon video card. I find that if I patch FF7PC with the unofficial WinXP patch, my graphics will deteriorate. None of the backgrounds would be drawn, the textures are not properly aligned, and the palette is incorrect. However, I am running FF7PC fine with the TNT patch and without the unofficial WinXP patch.

Newer notebooks do have number pads but they need to be activated with a function key. Naming characters on FF7PC would be a problem for notebook users without this feature or an external number pad. I have not tried the notebook patch so I do not know whether that patch resolves the problem but it probably does.

I have been running FF7PC on various systems and I was able to get it to work on all of them, however, the systems either had ATI or nVidia cards installed on them and I only encountered video issues.

17th Aug 2003, 03:54
unofficial WinXP patch?

That doesn't sound like the Chocobo patch. I've heard of a WinXP patch.....I also heard that it's a suspicious patch, because of it's size. I wouldn't recommend using anything other than the TNT patch and The Chocobo Patch.

The chocobo patch 'shouldn't' cause graphical errors....all it does is change the location of memory that is used for the race. Originally the porters of the game allocated the chocobo sidegame to use a piece of memory, that should have been reserved for Windows. It was just a coincedence that Win98/95 didn't use that memory...but WinXP did...so that was why it would crash. That patch just changes the hex decimal for the memory. At least, to my understanding (I may have it wrong).

edit: I always do that...I forgot the n't for should.

18th Aug 2003, 02:46
No, I was not talking about the Chocobo patch but I did patch my FF7PC with that patch. There is an unofficial WinXP patch out there and it causes graphic errors for me. I think what you described about the Chocobo patch is correct.