View Full Version : Should i install patch?

12th Jul 2003, 21:54
The game seems ok so far on my pc. I havent gotten too far, though, yet. Should i install the patch? From what ive read on these theads, it seems that it makes the game worse. But i know it allows for a shotgun or something to be found where it isnt' there without the patch, or something like that. Anyone have advice?


13th Jul 2003, 04:17
Hi, I installed the patch as soon as I learned of it, hoping it would speed things up... Also, I noticed in the Hall of Seasons, when Lara was battling the ghost she was shooting with no shotgun! Once I loaded the patch, you could see the shotgun in her hands. I don't know if it fixed anything else in the game, but I was happy to see the shotgun in her hands... I hope they come out with more patches to fix a lot of game bugs... Hope that helps. It hasn't hindered my game having the patch installed, so I don't think you have to worry about that...

13th Jul 2003, 23:14
Thanks for your imput.

14th Jul 2003, 04:59
I bought the game on Friday and was so amped to start playing that I totally spaced checking Edios website for a patch. Well now I'm in Tomb of the Ancients and I decided to patch. I ended up finding a shotgun right away in the Tomb. weird,.. not sure if that was added in because of when I patched or if it's an intended item to find at that point.... I'm pretty sure Ancients didn't leave them lying around. I then decided to start a whole new game, and have the experience Edios intended ala shottie. I'm in the Derelict Apartment building and no shotgun thus far, but on the plus side I haven't had a black screen either. One other bit of weirdness, on my first install I'd custom mapped my mouse, even after an uninstall and reinstall, the game is remembering my custom settings. There is no setting for it in my mouse software, so I'm leaning towards some obscure file hidden somewhere that is messing with my head. I think I'll continue with the new game and if the shottie doesn't appear soon, I'll drop my saved files back into the game directory. Any suggestions on what might be the problem with the lack of shotgun with reinstall/patch/new game?