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12th Jul 2003, 20:25
Well i already posted into another thread but noone seems to be reading that one anymore.

So ill try again with a new thread.

Problem is, that when i leave the "derelict apartment building" level via the door in the elevator generator room the load screen for the " indusrial rooftops" level appears ( as it should i presume).

But after about 10 sec a " please insert disc 1" message appears, from that moment on it seems that the load screen and the message are fighting about who's gonna stay on top ( sorry don't know how to put it otherwise ) which creates some kind of flashing effect.
And there it hangs then.

Nothing i did could remedy that and i really need some help here because i really want to play that game!

Here is what i did so far:

1. Made a full install ( No changing cd's eh? nope didn't work)
2. Checked the game folder size wich should be around 1.45 GB
( it's 1.36 GB - so that seems to be ok)
3. Checked free disc space ( got 4.80 GB left on that drive - should be ok as well)
4. uninstalled the game & made a regular install ( didnt work either)
5. to cut the story short i made a minimum install & a custom one ( to no avail)
6. installed the patch with every installation after trying it out without. ( well guess )
7. even did a defrag between installations.

Please do help if yer can!!!

Ah and there is another thing I just noticed.
In the first installation I changed the key mappings but they are still there even after uninstalling the game several times.
Does anyone know where the keymappings are beeing saved to?
I haven't found them so far.
And are there more files wich are not saved into the game folder??? if yes wich and where are they?

edit 2:
maybe i should add my sys specs:

AMD Athlon 2600+
512MB DDR 333
Geforce ti 4200
MSI KT4v - L(MS-6712) Motherboard
Via onboard sound (VIA AC'97) -works a treat
Windows XP PRO
DirectX 9.0a
Using latest detonator Version: 44.03

Thx in advance

John Carter
13th Jul 2003, 01:07
This is happening on my laptop, but not on my destop computer.

Haven't figured it out yet, but believe it to be associated with the configuration of my CDRW drive.

I get around it by placing the CD in the drive when it asks for it. Usually, this causes the game to drop back to windows, then I reload from the savegame before this point, and it works.

13th Jul 2003, 05:39
Thx for the reply.

But it doesn't work for me :(

13th Jul 2003, 22:08


13th Jul 2003, 22:23
Hmm, my folder has 1.4 GB. Maybe one of the disks is faulty and the installation routine doesn't notice.

Sorry, I am out of ideas here, try trading it in for a new one.

14th Jul 2003, 06:16
Thx, im about to do just that.
As a last resort i formated my HD but still the same thing is happening again.

Mhhh .... but its funny though of all the bugs mentioned here
I am the one who gets a faulty disk.

I hope i wont be back for more help then ;)