View Full Version : Direct X Problem!

12th Jul 2003, 20:24
Hi, ive got a slight problem when i go to install TombRaider:AOD

i set it off installing it goes through the usual install process but when it goes to install direct X it gets half way and say:

That its WindowsXP logo incompatible.

Anybody know what its talking about and how to get it to install DirectX 9.0?

=HaZZard= :(

12th Jul 2003, 20:30
Try installing directx from the cd itself (not through the game installation), or go to www.microsoft.com and download directx9 from there..... ;)

12th Jul 2003, 21:38
Thanks for the reply, and yeh ive tried installing DirectX 9 off the CD and from downloading it off microsofts website but i still keep getting the same error :(

So any other help would be nice. thanks ;)

12th Jul 2003, 23:48
This program (http://www.freewebs.com/firecat/) uninstalls directx so you can start anew........ But I have no idea if it will help or not....... :s