View Full Version : LOKD for PC

12th Jul 2003, 19:12
This is not a question about if there will be a PC version (it will) and you can check it at gamespot, it has a PC version page too!!

So people like me are now complete.

Reaver of Souls
12th Jul 2003, 19:47
Yay! :D Not like it really matters to me since I'm getting the PS2 version, but, meh, oh well. Good news anyways that it's finally confirmed. Well, Eidos never made an official announcement yet, but to me this is good enough.

12th Jul 2003, 19:53
Please remember that until Eidos makes an announcement, it's just speculation.

12th Jul 2003, 20:46
ARAIR, the PC version of LOKD hasn't been spoken of yet. Though some people think it will have a PC version (given that all other games in the series - LOK:BO, LOK:SR, LOK:BO2 and LOK:SR2 - had a correesponding release on PC some time after the console release).

12th Jul 2003, 21:17
I`m not saying that it has been officially stated by Eidos, but if gamespot says it, they better have a good source.

For BO2 Eidos told the world about the PC version before there was an official announcement.

Again, i`m not saying that this is official just that gamespot has a page for it.