View Full Version : Please Help! Neptune's Hall!

Fallen Angel
12th Jul 2003, 17:25
Oh no! Im really worried! On the Hall of Seasons level and the Neptunes Hall sub level i've managed to get the water crystal but i can't get out! Im stuck... I've got all the other crystals except that one because it won't let me out the Neptunes Hall.

I've even looked at a walkthrough, retraced my steps and the gargoyle door still won't open.... Im worried incase i have to start the whole game over again by reinstalling the game :(:(

Ack! Please can some one help me!!

Is it a bug???? And the patch won't work for me either *sob*

Fallen Angel
12th Jul 2003, 17:42
Please soemone must be able to help........ :(

12th Jul 2003, 19:07
Check the big pillar that the crystal was on. At the base of it there should be a lever that Lara needs to pull. This will open a door and gets you out of this place!

Good luck :cool: