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Matt from Spam Buddies
11th Jul 2003, 23:04
I saw already smaller threads spawning, so seeing that GameSpot hit the right spot and got us excited, we should concentrate our thoughts in one place.

So, I'll start off. The first thing I noticed immediately is that Chris was absolutely right - the Spectral Realm is a lot more different this time around. Very stylized. The Sluaghs look rabbid and cool.
Raziel doesn't wield the Wraith Blade in Spectral this time. Hmm...

And I also see that a new enemy class has been introduced - humans. Yep, them big ugly thugs. :D

Yu-hup, Janos looks angry this time around. :eek:


Here are some links.

IGN.COM's LOK-D Screenshots (http://mediaviewer.ign.com/ignMediaPage.jsp?media_id=1763116&object_id=536027&channel_id=70&page_title=Legacy+of+Kain%3A+Defiance&adString=network%3Dign%26site%3Dps2%26pagetype%3Dmediaimgthin&return_url=http%3A%2F%2Fps2.ign.com%2Fobjects%2F536%2F536027.html)

GameSpot's LOK-D Screenshots (http://www.gamespot.com/xbox/action/lokdefi/screenindex.html)

And naturally check out the previews!

- Matthew

11th Jul 2003, 23:07
I was kinda hoping that they wouldn't reveal any of the main characters until release, but, oh well. Janos does look evil, and it looks like you're gonna have to fight him, according to the screenshot.

Actually, Raziel does wield the Wraith Blade in Spectral. It's in a bunch of the pics.

11th Jul 2003, 23:09
Hee--the Sluagh just keep on getting uglier.
Definitely hope Janos is evil-would like that for some reason (mainly because I haven't been too impressed with him as a "good" guy...just an aversion to him, for some reason.)

Game is looking beautiful-I like the policy on plot that the team has been using (namely-they're not telling us anything; I like that).

From IGN's coverage: Well, Raziel has been shopping at Blinc's stores! http://mediaviewer.ign.com/ignMediaPage.jsp?media_id=1763109&object_id=536027&channel_id=70&page_title=Legacy+of+Kain%3A+Defiance&adString=network%3Dign%26site%3Dps2%26pagetype%3Dmediaimgthin%26pagetype%3Dmediaimgthin&return_url=http%3A%2F%2Fps2.ign.com%2Fobjects%2F536%2F536027.html

11th Jul 2003, 23:12
I wonder why he has "shoes" on in that render? And I don't remember his wrist/arm guards being metal in the previous games. Maybe he gets armor in Defiance or something.

And yeah, the Spectral thing does look extremely cool.

11th Jul 2003, 23:12
That is the coolest picture!

I also noticed that the new shots conclusively prove that the stone thing in the preview isn't Vorador.

This game is looking *so* excellent! I really like the effects in the Spectral Realm.

Matt from Spam Buddies
11th Jul 2003, 23:19
Man, that's the most wicked picture of Raz ever!

I think I'm going to blow into little bloody chunks out of happyness!


This game is going to ROCK OUR WORLD!

Oh, and KainSyndrome101, I was referring to the fact that Raziel hasn't got the Wraith Blade in Spectral in a few pics. Also in one on GameSpot. That's kind of weird, because he has carried it around there since he got it.

That stylized Raz looks awesome. Kick-butt metal boots, mate. Wicked!

Oh, did anyone notice that the Spirit Forge symbol appeared in one of the screenshots? Two times, as I recall.


- Matthew

11th Jul 2003, 23:30
Yeah, I really like that design for Raziel.

I also hadn't noticed the Spirit Reaver symbols on the floor in the Spectral Realm. Interesting!

11th Jul 2003, 23:30
The only thing missing is Raziel`s glowing eyes.

I hope that the PS2 can handle those graffics.

Matt from Spam Buddies
11th Jul 2003, 23:37
Originally posted by Glucolisis
The only thing missing is Raziel`s glowing eyes.

I hope that the PS2 can handle those graffics.

Yup, I asked Chris about this, he said it could still be added. :)

And Ben, it's really interesting, because that's the first level for Raziel. The one with the Elder. You can see his tentacle on the wall. And the Spirit Forge symbols are right there! In the first level!

-scratches chin-


- Matthew

11th Jul 2003, 23:57
I don't think you'll get it at the beginning, I think you'll come back later for it when you have more abilities. Like how there are a ton of doors in the first area of Metroid Prime, but you can only get to one or two of them.

12th Jul 2003, 00:29
These new screens are awsome!!! That eye of the E.G. , Janos, EVERYTHING is fantastic!!! And there is very little diference between the PS2 and the XBox screenshots!! I can't belive I'll still have to wait untill November:(

Umah Bloodomen
12th Jul 2003, 00:47
Looks like ol' Frank is getting sexier by the minute. :p

Umah Bloodomen
12th Jul 2003, 01:46
I just love a sluagh with a massive underbite. :p

I still can't get enough of those phat Jedi/Sith powers of Kain and Raz.

12th Jul 2003, 23:03
Hey kainsyndrome101 who knows it probably isn't janos it might be another ancient(traitor mabey)under a dark influence.

12th Jul 2003, 23:43
His bottom jaw is covered in brown. He's rippin off Raz!!!!! Or is, but I would prefer the first.

Umah Bloodomen
13th Jul 2003, 00:46
I zoomed in on the image, and it still doesn't look like a cowl to me. Also, pay attention to his legs, he has visible damage (either rotting flesh, or scars/open wounds) It looks like there is some of that on his chest and neck area.

13th Jul 2003, 07:57
WOW! These are great, totally love the telekinesis that Kain and Raz now wield in game. Through some of the screenshots it looks as if it progresses in power in one of them Kain's appears to have some cool electric energies around the guy. I dont think I can appease my bloodlust until november, maybe though I think I'll just go replay the series from bloodomen onto SR2 :D. J/K it is looking better and better with each approaching day.

Matt from Spam Buddies
13th Jul 2003, 08:38
Umah's right, I can see three wounds on his legs. It's like rotting flesh or dragging wounds or something.
But I can't see any on his chest.
I do see something on his neck though, and the "cowl" L_Master562 was referring to may be rotting flesh, too.
But that "cowl" disappears in the later image, as well as the wound on the neck and chest area.

My theory is that maybe this boss or stronger adversary was formed out of a rotting carcass or something.
You know... You enter a building, switch some whachamachallets, complete a puzzle, go to the centre and BAM some skeleton becomes to life, wings form, skin starts to come back on and so on and so on.

I don't know, it's just my hunch. At least it partly explains why the rotten flesh formations disappear in the later picture.

Also, this is not in letterbox format, meaning this is not a cut-scene. It has to be an in-game boss or adversary battle.

- Matthew

13th Jul 2003, 10:25
......looked out of place. The other doesn't have that for sure. I have comparisons up now.

My new page I made in 20 seconds just because I hand typed it out. (http://www.geocities.com/legacyofkainmedia/rotten.html)

Now here are the images and colors themselves.


Brown jawed.



Now I'm starting to believe it may be Janos.

Matt from Spam Buddies
13th Jul 2003, 10:33
That's what I'm talking about.

It seems as if he repaired himself during the time-span between those two taken shots. Or maybe he was still turning into the final version from the corpse, as I theorized back then.

But You have to admit, it's not in letterbox format, so it has to be an in-game event, not a cut-scene.
It has to be a boss or an adversary battle.

But the bloke is not eager to fight, though. As You can see, Raziel is moving towards him, but the winged fellow keeps floating away from Raziel. Maybe he's too busy regenerating? Or doesn't want to fight?


- Matthew

13th Jul 2003, 20:41
His eyes look a lot like raziel's where raz is wearing his new gear.

13th Jul 2003, 20:53
Letterbox format? You mean the black bars on the top and bottom of the screen during cutscenes?

I don't think we can assume its not a cutscene because those are missing. (if that's what you are talking about) I'm guessing these are still early builds.

Matt from Spam Buddies
13th Jul 2003, 21:05
I disagree.

We have already seen two letterbox format cut-scene screenshots, one in Vory's Mansion, the other in the Elder Cavern.

And I really don't think it requires a lvl 100 coder magician to add that letterbox effect.

And because GameSpy so spoilerifically mentioned, there will be a boss fight with Janos, and I think that these two screenshots are our lucky winners, mate.

So, that's why most probably it is an in-game sequence.


- Matthew