View Full Version : Error & Game Crash in the Sanitarium.

War Baby
11th Jul 2003, 22:01
I've just punched in the code to open the door for the area labeled 38471 and At the green doors after that, the game crashes to the desktop and tells me this:

Build Jun 24 2003 23:36:37

The Following Error has occured


This happens repeatedly and I have not installed the patch or changed any of the settings.

:confused: :mad:

13th Jul 2003, 15:38
I get the same error message at the same place.
I actually got to see the other side for a few seconds, the time I made it thorough without crashing, is when I did not remap my mouse (I have to remap the controls each time I play) I was in a hallway, so I saved there.
NOW, each time I look to the left side (down the left hallway) the game crashes and I get that error, on time I turned to the right and got the FMV and then it crashed there in the middle of the scene.
The GAME hasn’t crashed to the desk top before BUT, I have to restart the game each time I finish playing By ctrl, alt, del twice (any other way of shut down the game will crash) or else my comp will eventually lock up.
This ridiculous!!!!

Oh bty, Hello everyone (my first post here)