View Full Version : Ammo Bug

11th Jul 2003, 17:11
Please Core when are you going to release a 'fix' for the ammo bug.

At present I am trying to kill the creature in the 'Maximum Containment Area' and with no bullets it's proving a little difficult. I also think the fix should give say 200 rounds of ammo 'free' so to speak.

Don't let your fans down folks.

I actually came to fix your network problems years ago, when you were based on Ashbourne Road in Derby, and one of your guys was good enough to show me a demo of a game they were working on, and also a brand new graphics card that it was written for. All this before either thing had been announced, the card turned out to be the Voodoo 3DFX and the game Tomb Raider. I have been addicted since that time.

Thanks for the happy memories but please get rid of my new ightmares.

13th Jul 2003, 04:41
Hi, I know how difficult that level was. But, out of the blue, Bam! the creature died! I have no idea how it happened, it just did and I was grateful to end that level. I've had that occur in two different spots in the game. Earlier, Lara had to move a bunch of boxes and jump over the fence to proceed. I must've tried a dozen different moves without success. Then, by accident or obviously a bug, she slipped down in front of a box next to the fence and Bingo! Like magic, she was on the other side! Again, I don't know how it happened, but I was just happy to be able to continue on in the game... The bugs in this game are varied and don't seem to be common to all users. It's really weird the variety of bugs out there...
I think you can beat the beast without ammo by hitting your control button and beat it to death. If you push cntrl when you're in front of it, you'll see Kurtis (the whimp) will kick it and punch it. You just have to keep beating it until it collapses, then if you keep pushing the buttons, he'll pull out one of those shards and he'll stab it to death with it. Good luck!