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11th Jul 2003, 13:35
To go see Ruthless that is. :D Leaving early this afternoon, will be back sometime Sunday. Should be lots of fun, she mentioned, don't plan on getting much sleep. :eek: :D Going to try and see the new movie, "The League of Extraodinary Men" It looks interesting. Which will be followed by much playing in the sun, and later checking out the scene at a local outdoor cafe with live music, hmmmm. And whatever else is to come, I shall findout. See you all soon!

11th Jul 2003, 13:55
Humm. Don't see why you shoud plump down $7.50 to see a leauge of extraordinary men. This forum is teaming with 'em. Lesse there's ME, Thorin, bravus, Peter, clayman (a triumphant return I may add), etc....

Have fun anyway you taffy lass.:D :)

11th Jul 2003, 14:21
*ahem* you are soooo correct SlyFoxx. This forum is in a league of it's own with all the extraodinary men it has. ;) Hhhmm, maybe I will stay, and bug a few of them. :D

11th Jul 2003, 17:43
Have fun!

11th Jul 2003, 18:03
Enjoy, don't get caught, (you know!) and have a nice schmooze with Ruthless. :D :p

11th Jul 2003, 18:31

11th Jul 2003, 18:32
I never get caught. :o :p ;)
I am gone!! Thanks guys. :)

11th Jul 2003, 22:37
Broken, just a recommendation from the local film critic... pass on LXG, and go straight for Pirates of the Caribbean. Much better movie.


12th Jul 2003, 00:24
Originally posted by Squid
Broken, just a recommendation from the local film critic... pass on LXG, and go straight for Pirates of the Caribbean. Much better movie.

Squid Doh! Too late I think. Is "Pirates of the Caribbean" good? My wife wants to see it, though it doesn't really interest me based on the trailers I have seen. I think Orlando Bloom has a lot to do with her desire to see this movie, and Johnny Depp is a bonus ... :rolleyes:

Shadow Creepr
12th Jul 2003, 01:15
I am outta here! Please don't use a lead in to a thread like that again, you scared me! ;)

Have a great time with Ruthless. Tell us all about your fun time when you get back! :D

12th Jul 2003, 01:50
I am honored to be in the ex post facto "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" (as everyone has goofed on naming up to this point, you movie novices). :D :p

12th Jul 2003, 22:32
Ah ha, Clayman back in form again :) Yea, from what I've heard about "League" good idea but not fully presented as well as it could have? I also thought about Arnie but again...rated not as well as the first two of the series. Pirates was supposed to be a pretty good movie...enough to spend your money on. However, I was treated the other night as an early BD present to go see "Matrix Reloaded" in an IMAX theater :) Wow...my ears are still humming, LOL, and then came the bad news..."to be continued"...arrrgggghhhh!!! I want it now... :D We had quite a discussion about all the implications of the story, etc. Very enjoyable :)

Later and Good Hunting!

12th Jul 2003, 22:55
Leather, believe me, you'll have a blast. Pirates is a great film... possibly the best of the summer. I really enjoyed it, and wouldn't hesistate to see it again.


12th Jul 2003, 23:36
Go 'Oakie...GO! Been a while since I last enjoyed some good music outside a cafe in the sun. Lots of UK festivals on the go at this time of year. Hope to catch some. :)

Originally posted by clayman
I am honored to be in the ex post facto "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" (as everyone has goofed on naming up to this point, you movie novices). :D :p No, no...Save yourself the hastle of seeing a so-so movie, and, if you can, grab hold of some DVD's of a UK TV series called "League of Gentlemen". Quite possibly the best TV series to be aired anywhere since...umm...Twin Peaks? :cool:

Huntress - Want more matrix? Go buy/rent The Animatrix. There are some great stories on offer, and some fantastic and varied animation styles to oogle. Just don't bother with the game...it is a wasted opportunity.

Squid - I am pleased to hear that someone likes Pirates of the Caribbean. It has yet to open over here, but I will be going to see it. Anything involving wooden shipsies gets my attention, and the way I see it, aslong as it is better that The Patriot, it has some merrit! :)

14th Jul 2003, 01:58
She is back, and fried to a crisp. :o Too much sun Saturday. Had a wonderful time, as always with Ruthless, next time she is coming down here again.

The movie wasn't bad, could of been better, it had so much potential, and it fell short. It was choppy, I still enjoyed it though. I will see Pirates of the Carribean soon.

That night, I installed and DL Thievery for Ruth and her boyfriend, had everything installed in 25 minutes, I was amazed, not one problem. I tweaked somethings for them, showed them some of the aspects of the game. It was fun. They are invited to LM's private server. Hope to see you guys there someday. :)

Saturday, went to a water park for about 3.5 hours, sun was hotter en hell. *melts* Thank god for the sun screen I did have, though my face got it good. Now I look embarrassed all the time no matter what, with my sunburned red face. :p :o

Saturday evening, we saw the Buffalo again, this time I have pictures, but, will get them up later, since my scanner is being replaced. I was able to snap some shots of the Buffalo, with Mt. Scott behind them, they should turnout pretty good, can't wait to see them. It was like stepping back in time, it was wonderful.

Saw where Geronimo was supposedly buried. Interesting. Then to the River Walk Cafe. Listened to two guys play their guitars, and a mandolin! They are great!! Some pink floyd, eagles, you know it. They were really good. They even did the pina colada song, Stephen Bishop? LOL! I liked their version better......hah. Kicked back, talked, and talked, had a great time.

Pictures will follow later. I knew this weekend would go by fast. *sigh*

Oh Mr. Clayman. Since you are in thee esteemed League of Extraodinary Men, of such caliber, such prestige, sorry only a handshake will do for you, I don't want to taint you with a hug. :p ;)

14th Jul 2003, 02:08
Glad you made it home BA! We did have a great time, much too short though.
I must say, I heard some very interesting things from our beloved BA about goings on around here. I think I'm going to have to start dropping in more often so I can keep up!
BA was very well behaved while she was here, didn't steal anything. She did spend some time lurking and actually flashed those buffalo. We all thought we'd die when she did that!;)
I look forward to our next meeting, BA!