View Full Version : Second Graphics failure (in sanitorium this time)

10th Jul 2003, 16:01
Hi Folks,

Is anyone getting a breakdown in graphics in the sanitorium level. The walls are not showing so I'm wandering around in a sea of black. Unable to tell what is where, and hence unable to proceed

Just like what happened in the graveyard in Paris.

I, like so many others here, believe Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness 'will' be a great game - when it's finished. At the moment what's been released at best a beta.

As someone who used to be involved in software development I understand the pride developers place in their work and the pressures they are under. But in my case, when there was a problem, if I didn't give good customer service and address it they wouldn't complain to me, they'd phone my boss, or even his boss.

I consider this product to require this bug rectifying in order to make it fit for purpose.

Cheers for any help, support or advice you can give.

11th Jul 2003, 15:59
I am getting the same thing ..........its aggervating!:mad:

11th Jul 2003, 19:02
try loading up a savegame before it went wrong. I loaded a savegame from the bottom of the lift shaft and it worked fine