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10th Jul 2003, 03:38
A certain developer of a game, oh let's call it: Need To Go Fast: Volkswagon Unleashed. :p

So anyway, I found the game likes to cheat and corrupt game profiles at random points. But it only does this when you have completed more than 70% of the game and wasted 4 weeks of your life. And there is no way to restore the corrupted data. :mad:

After it did this once, I went "hmm, ok". I hadn't played the game in months, so I figured no biggie. But then the taffing thing did it again!! and I had only been playing that saved profile DAYS before! :eek:

The developers' excuse is that my anti-virus software is magically causing the game to cheat and corrupt my hard earned profile. This is hilarious :D, because I've NEVER had a save get corrupted for any other game because of anti-virus software. They also claim that other developers use this same lame excuse, which I have yet to hear anywhere else in all my years of gaming. :confused:

So to just end my story now, I set my scanner to ignore the extensions of the save files, and we'll have to see what happens. So if you play any games by the developer in question ;), you'd better turn off your anti-virus scanners every time you run the program... or the Bogey Monster might leap out and corrupt your saves. :rolleyes:

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10th Jul 2003, 15:02
If you are talking about the Thief series, the saves can get corrupted whether or not you have anti-virus software even installed. However, I have not yet seen it corrupt all saves. Usually something happens during the save that screws it up but whatever is the defect artifact can will exist when you reload and can cause problems in subsequent saves. So you have to go back to your prior save (from the one that is bad) and load that one.

If you are talking Unreal (I have the Gold version), no number of saves are safe. I'd play, and eventually my save got corrupted; you get some error message popup. I restarted from the beginning and started to alternate between 2 saves. When one went bad (refused to load, got error popup), the same problem occured with the other save. I even went to a 5-save stack and still all of them refused to load. Of course, this a game where there are no shortcut keys to do quick saves and reloads and a game where you die a lot so it is a nuisance to keep going back to the menu to do a save and then to do a load later.

Or maybe you're talking about some other game. I don't know to what your NTGF: VU clue (first sentence) might refers.

10th Jul 2003, 15:07
Yeah, I've had Thief saves get corrupted before, but it had nothing to do with the virus scanner the game crashed while I was saving due to me accidentally alt+tab'ing to Windows.... whoops! :p

The game in reference of my anguish is in the Need For Speed series... particularily the one dedicated to Porsche. The part that is even funnier is that no other NFS game on my comp has had a corrupted save for any reason. I think EA just really screwed something up good for this particular one, but they claim it isn't their fault even though many people seem to be having this problem. :confused:

15th Jul 2003, 02:23
I voted for 'needs a night out' just because a) even rommel must need one eventually, b) I've never played NFS, any version, and c) no one up to this point seems to understand his frustration with a game that misbehaves occasionally. :)

15th Jul 2003, 03:01
Oh... trust me Clayman, there is nothing ocassional about this game acting up. It's garaunteed! :p

15th Jul 2003, 07:01
Rommel sorry I can't help you with your problem(but I did vote for 1.....we all need T3 :D), I'm not into car games but I do get into just going crazy and shooting stuff to pieces every now and then, so.........

I just played Unreal Gold in Febuary and Return to Na Pali in May and ran into the same screwy save problem. It took some searching but on the PlantUnreal site I found some useful info. I ended up moving all my saves and copying my Unreal.ini file and uninstalled the game(just to be safe) then reinstalled, and then deleted from my moved save folder my last 5 saves(I really can't remember but I think they had 15 save slots and I used them all) and then copied it back to the new save file, and then copied my old Unreal.ini file to the new one then edited it so from save9.usa on they all said Empty, example.... SlotNames[9]=..Empty..

Then when I played again I NEVER-EVER saved anything in Slot9 or higher, I just kept them empty. I never had a save problem again with Unreal Gold.

I also had to dig in the stupid PDF Manual to find the QuickSave keys:
They are F6(save) and F7(restore). I never would have made it through the game without those, and I'm glad I found them before I started playing.

Hope this helps you and you will give Unreal another try. This turned out to be one of the most fun FPS games I have played yet, and of course there is no comparison to Thief cuz Unreal is just a shootem'up. Well OK, it was a little more than just a crazy\frenzy shoot everything game, it also had a bit of a story and a few puzzles and just finding where to go next was a challange. I was squeeling and jumping out of my seat during most of the game. I managed to finish it on normal with no cheats, and then when I did Na Pali I played on hard and was cursing through most of it wondering why the heck I picked "hard"........but I made it !!! RTNP was great fun too.

Oh and if you make it through Unreal and then play Na Pali, there is a glitch in that game too, you have to edit the "Max Players allowed" in the ini file to get it past the error message. I think it said change it to 32, but at one point that even glitched on me and I ended up changing it to 64.

Here is the info from Planet Unreal that I found:

Saved Game Information

Unreal has a somewhat different way of saving games. You may have noticed that if you stick your saved games in the /unreal/save/ directory, it doesn't mean they will appear in the load menu. Unreal saves the level, date, and time information in the Unreal.ini file. If you don't have a copy of your unreal.ini file to get your saved games back or onto another computer, you'll have to get that information back. The easiest way is just to keep a backup of your unreal.ini when moving saved games around. That way you can replace the unreal.ini from a fresh install with the old one, and get access to your saves.

If you want to transfer a single saved game to another computer, putting it on a friend's computer for example, you'd do something different. You would copy the file into the /unreal/save/ directory and load it manually from the console. To do this you would type

Open ..\save\save0.usa

That would load the first save. You can access them all with filenames save0.usa right through save8.usa. Then you can resave them in the same slot to add the save information to the unreal.ini file.

It is also possible to add entries into the unreal.ini file manually, by editing it. This is a copy of what my save information looks like.

SlotNames[0]=Bluff Eversmoking 8:48 June 17
SlotNames[1]=MotherShip Core 11:36 July 7
SlotNames[2]=MotherShip Core 12:54 July 7
SlotNames[3]=Skaarj Generator 13:05 July 7
SlotNames[4]=MotherShip Basement 12:04 July 1
SlotNames[5]=Demonlord's Lair 21:59 June 30
SlotNames[6]=Cellars at Dasa Pass 19:16 June 22
SlotNames[7]=Rrajigar Mine 21:43 June 24
SlotNames[8]=DemonCrater 11:14 July 1

You can edit this however you like. If the slot is empty, you should simply enter ..Empty.. in it. Just like this:

SlotNames[0]=Bluff Eversmoking 8:48 June 17
SlotNames[3]=Skaarj Generator 13:05 July 7
SlotNames[6]=Cellars at Dasa Pass 19:16 June 22
SlotNames[7]=Rrajigar Mine 21:43 June 24

Unreal has a quick save feature built into it, as well. To save hit F6 and to restore hit F7. The quick save is independent of the normal save games. The quick saves are saved as save9.usa in the /unreal/save/ directory.