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10th Jul 2003, 00:56
I bought AOD and
I have that SYS_ERROR_D3D_CREATE_DEVICE thingy
I'm running the game on a windows 98 a really fast windows 98.
I would put it on my dads window XP but he won't let me put any games on his computer. here is a screen of the settings please tell me what is wrong I want to play.


I don't know what's wrong?????

Laura Severi
10th Jul 2003, 11:10
I have the same problem on my Windows 98. If you search the forum you will see this problem a lot. Usually caused by a crap graphics card. Everyone is telling me Ge Force is a good one. Go to a store somewhere or search for graphic cards at google.com for some online shops.

10th Jul 2003, 14:26
This is an AGP graphics card ?

I think the error message has to do with your resolution settings.
Have you tried 800x600 ?

Try switching from software to hardware acceleration.

You can download the latest nVidia driver, and that might help.
A brand-new 64 or 128mb card would help more, but you would probably STILL need to get the very latest driver. But then you could run the game at higher resolution.

Have you downloaded and installed the patch ?

I would ask your dad if you could install xp on your computer.

Of course, you would have to buy another CD in order to install Windows xp on your computer, otherwise it would be illegal, and I'm not about to advocate anyone doing anything illegal.


10th Jul 2003, 14:36
The Vanta graphic card is the problem. It's driver doesn't support DX9.