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9th Jul 2003, 20:53

I mean, it is so evident that it is incomprehensible to me that the beta testers didn't spot it! Emergency Escape Signs must, as specified in Part II, Section 3.4 of Council Directive 92/58/EEC of 24 June 1992 on the minimum requirements for the provision of safety and/or health signs at work (ninth individual Directive within the meaning of Article 16(1) of Directive 89/391/EEC), be rectangular or square with a white - not light green - pictogram on a green background where the green part takes up at least 50% of the area of the sign.


9th Jul 2003, 21:29

9th Jul 2003, 21:54
LOL, and aren't they supposed to be open so you can actually ESCAPE? :D

10th Jul 2003, 04:00
picky picky

10th Jul 2003, 05:59
Will it be fixed in the next patch? RedLegg?

10th Jul 2003, 10:03
Gosh! As a subcontractor I translate EU directives, council decisions and whatnot into Hungarian, and apparently I entertained a silly idea thinking that I may get a break from work on this board. :p

10th Jul 2003, 10:49
I don't understand??!! :(

[edit] oh now I got it ;)