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Tomb Raider Fan
9th Jul 2003, 18:58
I have the examine 3 from the Library wad. I have entered it in to the script and the wad. In the script, where you can write something that will appear on the scroll in game, i have wrote a loooooong puzzle. The puzzle will consist of switches, you will read the scroll and figure out the right 3 switches to pull. But the problem is that......In the script i have wrote a looooong paragraph, lol and in game it only shows half of it on the screen. I don't want to have short 1, i want a long 1. Is there any sort of possibility that i could make the text smaller...... Or even make a scroller on the side of the sroll to create a new page so that the text will fit on? lol

How can i fit alot of text on? And i no u can't use 2 scrolls can u..Hmm.... Damn!

9th Jul 2003, 19:22
Actually you can use 2 scrolls:

There are 3 lines you can use for examinable entries - Rules1, Rules2 and Petepoo, I think. The first 2 are for the examine 2 object from the tomb of Semerkhet as far as I know and the petepoo for the lost library (examinable3). Write the text you want in both of these examinables and name them scroll 1, scroll 2 or whatever you like, so the player would know the order in which to read the scrolls ;) That should do...

Tomb Raider Fan
9th Jul 2003, 20:24
Thanks Mate! :)

Dan the Jazzman
11th Jul 2003, 23:04
Incidently only Examine 2 and 3 have text- examine 1 is the map which was used in the under the sphinx level, you select it in the inventory and then look at it, you can retexture it if you want.

Also note that you can create paragraphs using a /n between the words. This moves the text onto the next line, but you are only limited to so many lines, otherwise the script compiler crashes. The examine 2 can have 8 lines and the examine 3 can have 5, I think. Check in the script.txt file to see how many lines you can have. :)

(edit) Rules1 and rules2 are the two four-line paragraphs for the exmine 2 object, it will display both of them when you view the examine 2, and each paragraph has two lines :)