View Full Version : anybody know how to make bridges?

9th Jul 2003, 01:50
I'm trying to make one those suspended bridges across a pit (ya know - the kind you always see in Indiana Jones) with objects, and Lara always falls through and plunges to her death at the bottom of the pit. I've already tried using dummy triggers for each of the bridge peices but to no result (Lara still falls through). I tried looking at the Burial Grounds project file (using TR2prj;) ) becuase I knew there was a bridge of this sort in that level. It turns out that they creators simply raised the floor to fit the shape of the bridge. Obviously, to make the bridge a bridge and not just raised ground, they had to make the raised floor transparent and put in the bridge objects. The problem with making it transparent is that the wall beneath the end of the bridge doesn't exist, and you can see right through to the next room or into the sky........except that that's not what happens in the official level..........How did Eidos do it????:confused:

9th Jul 2003, 06:59
The part where the bridge is should be a separate door into the pit. Make it toggle opacity, NOT toggle opacity 2. That way you can still see through it, but you won't fall through it. Then you don't have to raise the floor at all.

9th Jul 2003, 07:27
Actually, if you make a portal on the bridge itself, you CANNOT raise the floor.... what you need to do is make a normal portal on either side of the bridge..... you can also put a portal on the flat section of the bridge is you wish but it doesn't matter.... then raise the neccessary sections of the bridge in the upper room...... if you now go to the lower room and raise the ceiling Below the bridge to match the floor above , you will find that you can texture the wall beneath the bridge in the LOWER room.... finally apply your bridge textures in both rooms.

Be warned though, if you delete any of the portals here you will have to do it all over because the editor will not allow you to reconnect the rooms with the ceiling raised......


9th Jul 2003, 11:11
You can also use the Bridge_flat, Bridge_steep1 and Bridge_steep2 objects with dummy triggers - they work very well as bridges. The names I gave you might not be exactly the same as the ones in the LE, as I do''t remember them well - was a long time since I used them - but they work very well as bridges as I said. They should be in the burial chambers wad, but if you add the correct objects from TR3 in these slots, they'll work too.

9th Jul 2003, 16:44
The first thing I tried was using those three objects (bridge_flat, bridge_steep1, and bridge_steep2) and I put dummy triggers underneath them, but I still fell through:mad: maybe I need to put the objects in a lower room........:confused:

9th Jul 2003, 17:53
Probably a stupid thing to ask, but did you place the triggers at the bottom of the pit - and I mean at the very bottom of the pit, right under the objects (the objects can be in higher stacked rooms) not in the same room as the objects are. If you haven't - no wonder this doesn't work.

14th Jul 2003, 02:09
I think I've finally got it figured out using objects:o Thanks everybody for help!