View Full Version : peg leg and cutscene corruption

8th Jul 2003, 20:25
I, like many others, have been experiencing minor graphics corruption while playing the game. These errors include lara's leg turning into a long grey box and grey lines coming out of lara's head and stomach in the industrial rooftops level cutscene. I resolved this problem by uncheking the box in the settings options under the general tab in the processor section that says intel SSE. I know this solves the cutscene problems but I haven't played much more since to see if the fixes the problem with lara's legs turning into grey lines/boxes. Hope this helps everyone with the same problem!!! Tell me if it works for you too!!! By the way, am I the only one obsessed with taking screenshots of lara doing handstands?!?:confused:

8th Jul 2003, 22:35
How do you perform handstands in AOD?

9th Jul 2003, 16:53
to do handstands you must be hanging from a ledge. Before you pull yourself up hold in the walk button then pull yourself up. That's all there is to it!!!

9th Jul 2003, 22:30
Yeah!! Now when I see THIS, I KNOW I'm playing Tomb Raider... :D :cool: