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8th Jul 2003, 15:23
I'm having trouble with the joy pad controls on AOD as I find the stick control much harder to use than the old way. anyway, in the instruction booklet it says you can go to options and select different controls and change the vibration on the joy pad etc, but when I go to options there is only audio and video options. I've messed about for ages and now it's driving me nuts why they aren't there. Does anybody else have them or know how I can change the controls? I'm sick to death of Lara running the wrong way all the time!


8th Jul 2003, 16:10
When you first start the game, click the settings button from that little screen that pops up. Across the top there are tabs for all your various hardware - keyboard, mouse, gamepad etc. Go to each tab and make sure the stuff you want to use has the checkbox next to "enabled."

Does that fix it?

8th Jul 2003, 18:15
You don't say what version you are playing, PC or PS2, but as you mention the vibrating then I'm guessing PS2.

Apparently it was a miss print in the manual, you can not alter the controls what so ever..

Hope this helps

9th Jul 2003, 02:00
There's no vibration either. :(

9th Jul 2003, 02:03
I'm afraid you're stuck with them. Give them an hour though, and they feel better.

The Gamester
9th Jul 2003, 19:16
What is a "joypad?" :confused: