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8th Jul 2003, 12:11
The PC Games, a german magazin, are intested to put my FMs on their Magazin CD/DVD and now they ask me for permission.
The CD/DVD is attached to the magazin. I'm not sure if this is ok, because you have to buy the magazin to get the CD. Maybe Grey Mouser knows it?

8th Jul 2003, 12:13
It's been done with other FMs quite a few times, Christine, and I haven't heard of anyone getting into trouble for it. Congratulations! :)

8th Jul 2003, 12:51
Wow Christine that's cool.:cool: Just don't get a big head:D....and remember to thank all the "little people" who made it all possible. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


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8th Jul 2003, 13:44
Most people don't get opportunities like that. That's great! Congratulations.

Grey Mouser
8th Jul 2003, 17:23
Technically this is what I'll call a 'grey area' no pun intended! for a few different reasons but I can say - for now anyway - that as long as you are not charging the magazine for the right to put it on the disc, and the magazine is not charging more for a magazine-with-CD solely because your FM is on it (and it is no doubt awesome, so they could probably make a killing if they made a 'Christine only price'! ;)) - this is probably OK.

I emphasize probably, as I am not even close to being in Eidos' legal dept, and this may change in the future. But my opinion is that you should go ahead and let them spread the goodness of your FM if they have your blessing. If you ever hear any grief you can say Grey Mouser told you to do it!

8th Jul 2003, 19:00
Congrats Christine!! Go for it. Isn't life great sometimes with little surprises like that. :)

That can only help to spread the word about thief. :thumbsup:

John D.
8th Jul 2003, 21:10
Great news! Your mansions and castles are always fun to
play in!

Although they tend to be pretty empty when I'm done with them! ;) :D

8th Jul 2003, 21:12
Thank you all for your replies :) I think I will do it :D

8th Jul 2003, 22:02
Congratulations, Christine! That's indeed great news :) I buy PC Games quite regularly, I'll make sure not to miss this one :D

8th Jul 2003, 22:10
Congrats! You deserve it.:D

Shadow Creepr
8th Jul 2003, 22:37
That is wonderful news, Christine! Congratulations to you. :D

9th Jul 2003, 07:41
Hey, that's great! I can't say I'm not jealous though.;) Someday meybe me too....

9th Jul 2003, 07:47
I'm also very happy for you Christine...that's a terrific compliment to your work :) I'm glad we had the opportunity to play them first and enjoy all that "Thiefy" goodness ;) Well done! Ta and Good Hunting!

9th Jul 2003, 11:55
Hopefully it will also get more people playing FMs !

Is there any way to get www.thiefmissions.com mentioned?

9th Jul 2003, 20:35
I'm not sure, wether Jason wants that. I don't know how much problems he has keeping the page running. I for my part I fear downloading a file from his page, because I think of his traffic. This is why I havn't mentioned his reopening on our news.

9th Jul 2003, 21:49
Jason has changed the way missions are provided on his site: Everybody has a download quota of 50 MB per day, and each file can only be downloaded by max. 10 users at once. He doesn't host the big files like CoSaS or Calendra's Legacy anymore, because the bandwith problems were mainly caused by those. So it should be okay again :)

Sorry, slightly off-topic

13th Jul 2003, 14:16
Sorry, but I won't do it. They have sent me a agreement, but I won't sign this without permission from Eidos. I won't get any trouble with it.

13th Jul 2003, 17:31
Have you been in contact with EIDOS?

If you both ask them nicely, I'm sure they would not mind some free publicity for Thief 3.

15th Jul 2003, 11:54
I have been in contact to Eidos. A friend of mine is the sales manager southwest of germany. Unfotunately his reply wasn't that, we all hoped to hear:

Hallo Thomas,

also, habe mich mal an entsprechender Stelle schlau gemacht.
Es sieht folgendermassen aus:

Da wir (EIDOS) offiziell als Copyright-Inhaber auftreten, kann man uns für
die Qualität der Level zur Verantwortung ziehen. Das heisst, wir müssten die
Levels testen, und für diesen Aufwand haben wir hier in Deutschland einfach
nicht die Manpower zur Verfügung.
Wenn Du aber die Sachen z.B. als Fanprojekt in Foren oder ähnliches
anbietest wirst Du keine Probleme bekommen.

Sorry, ich kann Dir leider nur das weitergeben, was unsere Rechtsabteilung
mir zu dem Thema sagte...


Thomas Effler

Regionalverkaufsleiter Südwest
Eidos Interactive Deutschland GmbH


Hello Thomas,

well, I asked the right people for this. It looks like this:

Since we (EIDOS) officially are the copyright-holders, we can get held responsible for the quality of the missions. This means, we would have to test the missions, and for this expenditure we have not enough manpower here in germany. But you shouldn't have any problems spreading these things as a fan-project or something like that in forums.

Sorry, but I only can tell you, what our legal department told me about this thread...


Thomas Effler

Regional sales manager southwest
Eidos Interactive Germany Ltd.

15th Jul 2003, 12:27
That's Germany :p

John D.
17th Jul 2003, 14:19
That's sad, Edios is the one losing out on some free
advertising! Talk about a golden chance to build up the
Thief series fan base missed!:(

17th Jul 2003, 19:40
I agree. I would jump at the chance, if I was Eidos, but I suppose they have their reasons.