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8th Jul 2003, 10:59
I hope there isn't any of those god awful cutscenes from the original. Do you know the ones im talking about? Where 2 characters stand 2 metres apart, and mutter to each other a lengthy conversation that could have been done so much more immersively if it where in game, like in Halflife. Some of the action based cutscenes were okay, like the ones with the ship taking off etc, but the convo cutscenes did nothing but detract you from the immersion of your character. They were unessecary and shonty looking. I hope they dont do something similar in #2.

8th Jul 2003, 11:49
I foung them nicely, maybe I didnt where to eager for action, but I can live whitout to easy entertainment!

[SYN] Nexus
8th Jul 2003, 15:47
Same here they were ok nothing special but it wasnt needed in a game like DeusEx.As long as they keep the cutscenes ingame Im fine

8th Jul 2003, 19:00
The cutscenes in DX were fine.

Only the way your enemies behaved while you were in a cutscene was a bit strange. They would approach you running with their guns ready to fire just to stand at your side, politely waiting for you to finish your conversation until shooting you :D

Maybe cutscenes should be interrupted when enemies come go get you, and after you fought with them, you should be able to resume the conversation. "Sorry, Mr. Tong, what did you say?" :D

8th Jul 2003, 19:02
From the footage i saw, cutscenes will remain pretty much the same.

Big Ragu
8th Jul 2003, 23:19
Sounds good to me.

But what about soeren said, I was talking to Dowd in the burned out building, then in the corner of the shot a saw about 6 MJ12 troops run up and wait till finished. I was already at low health and I was pretty tense because I knew the conversation was drawing to an end. Finally we finished and as I went back into view I tried to quickly turn on my ballistic protection but the damage had been done. I was ripped to pieces in less than a second.

That is the end of my sad story.

8th Jul 2003, 23:42
The main prob I found with the cutscenes is that it would have been so much cooler just to hear them talk ingame, like in halflife, because that is just infinitely more immersive than 2 black bars popping down and having you stand their like a wooden plank for 2 minutes. It looked really tacky, and i didn't think those particular cut scenes fit well with the rest of the game, which was much more immersive.

8th Jul 2003, 23:46
Like Trollslayer said, the dialogue in the DX:IW E3 footage was very similar to that of Deus Ex.
And HL2 is like HL, always first person, and you never talk.

9th Jul 2003, 00:21
ah yeah i forgot about that. Ah well, i'l still love the game, Im not the kinda person to give a crap if i dont like one thing with a game.