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6th Jul 2003, 16:13
Should i buy a new Dell to play these next gen games or what?

my current system is an athlon 1.2 geforce 2 32 mb. i have windows ME and i hate it!

Someone please shoot me in the right direction

Bio Denton
7th Jul 2003, 11:47
AMD Athlon 1600+ to 2600+
AMD Athlon 2600+ to 3200+
Intel Celeron 850Mhz - 1.4Ghz
Intel Celeron 1.4Ghz - 2.4Ghz
Intel Pentium 4 1.6Ghz - 2.2Ghz
Intel Pentium 4 2.2Ghz - 2.6Ghz
Intel Pentium 4 2.6Ghz - 3Ghz

Spot the mistake :P


"The I Hate Hamsters & Wooha Rules Conspiracy"

7th Jul 2003, 15:13
Well i dont really see what your getting at

It is a new dell with a 2.2 celeron

I want to play Far Cry and doom 3

is a new dell a good idea to play these games?

7th Jul 2003, 15:31
I wouldn't go with a Celeron processor for gaming.

As for getting a Dell: I've had good luck with Dells, but be very, very careful about the video card. You should upgrade to a GeForce 4 TI rather than the default GeForce 4 MX, but double and triple check your order before you buy.

I'd swear I upgraded to the TI card when I ordered my Dell last fall, but all the paperwork shows I ordered the MX. If only I'd been more paranoid ...

7th Jul 2003, 16:28
GeForce 4 MX... that's just sad :( .

7th Jul 2003, 17:23
Is a GeForce3 Ti 500 good?

7th Jul 2003, 19:36
Is a GeForce3 Ti 500 good?

It supports DirectX 8, so that's good for DX:IW, but if you're buying it, don't pay too much because it's not a very recent card.

To get an idea of how card X compares to card Y, see this UT2003 benchmark : http://www6.tomshardware.com/graphic/20021218/vgacharts-04.html

quite useful as there's so many cards...
keep in mind, that's on a 3ghz system, with a slower cpu at some point the performance would be limited by the cpu no matter the video card.

operative x
7th Jul 2003, 23:31
!!!!!!!!:D :D :D I love seeing my baby score the highest!:D

8th Jul 2003, 01:07
I love seeing my baby score the highest!

That's because the chart isn't up-to-date. No Radeon 9800 or GeForce FX 5900. :p

operative x
8th Jul 2003, 01:11
who carse about GeForce or the 9800